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BEAUTY REVIEW: Lush Cosmetics for sensitive skin 

As much as I love trying new beauty and skin care products it’s not always an easy process. Troublesome skin due to a pesky autoimmune syndrome can be a total hindrance especially because I’m one of those people who needs to try everything! When the lovely Annie at Lush Hay Street Plaza Arcade contacted me to pop down for a consultation I was little bit frightened – would Lush’s skin care products upset my skin? I don’t know why I was worried because the gorgeous global beauty company is pretty much nasty free in all senses. No animal testing. Organic products created from nature. Fair trade. The list goes on! Lush’s products can only be described in one word – luscious. The staff are friendly and very well educated on the range, the products are cute as a button, and my sensitive skin was forgotten because everything I tried (and I tried a lot of products) left my skin feeling soft, supple and sexy! No redness or irritation, I’ve found a new beauty heaven. I wanted to share a few of my favourites I discovered on the day… I probably could have written about every product I did try, but you’ll get the drift. Happy blogger. 

DREAM CREAM Hand & Body Lotion {$29.95/240g}

My hands are not normally the softest, and work is probably to blame! Working in a hospital I am constantly washing my hands in strong, alcohol based hand wash and sanitiser resulting in dry, cracked palms. Every girl wants lovely lady like palms, and this moisturiser is going to help me on that path! The cream rubs in pretty easily, and although it felt slightly greasy on first application the feeling subsided once it sunk into my palms. My skin is particularly sensitive due to my Sjögren’s Syndrome (more about living with the condition here), but I had no reaction to the product as it contains no nasties! What I love most about the Dream Cream is the smell! Hints of rose and lavender linger long after application and my hands feel so good post slather!

FRESH FARMACY Cleanser {$15.95/100g}

I still can’t get over how the majority of Lush’s products come in a huge soap-like slab! It’s so different to your usual run of the mill tube of beauty product! This cleanser is one of those! The lovely Annie at Lush cut me off a chunk (for lack of a sexier word) of the Fresh Farmacy Cleanser after I explained to her how my skin can be pretty temperamental. I normally wash my face with one or two other brands that I know will not irritate my stroppy skin, but this product will also be on my skin care rotation as it is made of calamine and chamomile, both with calming properties to keep the skin chilled. It feels strange to lather up your skin with what looks and feels like a bar of soap, but this slice of goodness will not dry out your skin like soap does! To use I simply rinsed my face with warm water then rubbed the slab of cleanser all over my face. I was especially surprised I felt no irritation around my eyes or on the nasty pimple currently living on my cheek! After massaging the cleanser into my skin I rinsed it off with warm water and moisturised my face. So fresh! My skin felt super soft and cool, probably due to the irritation soothing properties of the calamine and inflammation soothing properties of the chamomile. So heavenly! The only problem I found with the cleanser is the dilemma of storing the soap like slab? Time to buy some small containers for all my new Lush friends.

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL Cleanser {$16.95/100g}

Who said cleansing your skin had to be boring? This cleanser is probably the most fun skin care product I’ve come across! Made from maize flour and polenta, this product smells like caramel popcorn, and guess what – it also contains your favourite movie snack! So fun. Applying the cleanser to my face I was surprised by the consistency – it is grainy and gritty, more like an exfoliant than a cleanser, but man does it work! To apply you add a little water to the product and mix together before painting your face. As well as buffing your skin you also get a good lather, and the popcorn pieces help cleanse even deeper. I probably could have eaten the product it smelt that good, and my skin felt soft and fresh post treatment. Once again, my sensitive skin was all good, no irritation or redness. I’ve found a new beauty treat!

NO DROUGHT Dry Shampoo {$13.50/115g}

My hairdresser specifically told me not to use dry shampoo under any circumstances, but sometimes I’m lazy and cannot be bothered washing my hair! Who’s with me? Dry shampoo is the perfect choice for in between washing days, and I’m pretty sure my hairdresser will be okay with Lush’s version of the life saving product! No Drought isn’t like more commercial dry shampoo’s, it won’t dry out your hair. It’s almost like a talcum powder, and instead of spraying the product in like your usual dry shampoo, you simply sprinkle the powder into your roots, let it sink and voila, excess oil absorbed! The powder smells pretty tasty too, scented with grapefruit and lime! Yum!

ROSE QUEEN Bath Bomb {$5.50}

Confession time. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr ogling pictures of Lush’s bath bomb range. Hahaha. There is just something magical about colourful, sometimes sparkling water. Beats your usual bath any day. Unfortunately our current house doesn’t have a bath tub, but I took this gorgeous Rose Queen bomb home with me to Manjimup on my latest weekend away and spent over half an hour soaking my cares away in the sweet smelling goodness. Packed with flower petrels and citrus undertones, rose essential oil makes this bath bomb a sensory treat. Pink water is so much cooler than normal water, and the smell is unbelievable! Make your next bath a special one.

SEA VEGETABLE Soap {$6.95/100g}

Lush’s Bohemian soap has always had my heart (until now that is), but I’m pretty sure I’ve found a new soapy favourite in the Sea Vegetable. Hand made and easy on your pockets (and eyes), the vibrant blue soap is a shower treat. Packed with coconut oil and seaweed, the soap is skin softening and smell delicious with hints of citrus and lavender. Getting clean has never been more fun! Once again, no irritation by the product on this end. My skin felt soft and supple post bathing, and what surprised me most was when I usually get out of the shower my legs dry up almost instantly – none of that post lather with the Sea Vegetable. Coconut oil is brilliant for hydration, and using this soap has been a lot easier than lugging my jar of coconut oil into the shower. Dry skinned kids, this one is perfect for you! 

A huge thanks to Annie at the Hay Street Plaza Arcade Lush store. If you need a consultation or you’re looking for a natural product for your sensitive skin pop down and visit the girls (or if you’re in another city other than Perth contact your local store). As I mentioned you can really feel the love the staff have for the brand. They are passionate about it, and you know you’re going to find something good that’ll work for you when the staff know what is down. Be right back, I’m going to admire my silky smooth skin again!

Do you shop at Lush? Do you suffer from sensitive skin? What is your favourite Lush product?

E x 

* Lush products provided for my review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. ok I am totally intrigued by the pop corn cleanser! It looks so weird. Might have to pop in the next time im passing a Lush and give it a try. Bron x

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