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Hello! I feel like I haven’t posted a life update in a while! I guess I was too busy out and about doing things so lots to update you on. First things first… Winter is over! Weeeee! This makes me SO excited as I’ve already noticed the days are getting longer, the air is fresher and I’ve definitely had more of a spring in my step (see what I did there, haha). Pretty soon it’ll be time to pack away the jeans and coats, but on the note of packing our entire house will be packed up soon because my E is looking to buy a house! Woop woop. As draining as house hunting has been over the past few months we’ve found a few gems worth considering so guaranteed our lives will be in boxes in the near future. Watch this space! I can’t wait to get into a space where we can put up a picture frame without having to inform a land lord, we can have a puppy and no more rent inspections! I’m so proud of E! It’s wonderful news. She’s such an adult now with a mortgage of her own. None of that gazillion dollar debt for me just yet, I’m way too scared to have that much money owing. I am kind of scared that E will be my land lady, she’s a clean freak! Pretty sure I’ll still have my own “rent inspections”. Help!

Besides houses I’ve squished loads of fun things into the past month or so. Keeping busy is what I do best! Here’s what else I’ve been up to lately.

1. Took a road trip back home to Manjimup for a weekend to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. It was absolutely beautiful to relax with the family (minus Little Brother who was working) and trip around the small towns down south. Got to say Pemberton is a favourite. It’s so green and lush and lovely. Can’t wait to make a trip back down soon – hopefully Christmas (if I’m not working)! | 2. A collaboration organised by Emma of Relatable Miss Renton in conjunction with Perth athletic wear label Acron Threads and a MMA fight coach saw a bunch of bloggers “gear up” for a beginners boxing class! The post was beautifully written and I was so excited to be apart of Emma’s campaign alongside Hayley of Primping Perth, Sameera of DYNamique Blog and Demelza of Demelza Buckley. You can read Emma’s post here, and my response about learning to love my bod here. You should have seen me box, it was horrendously uncoordinated! Hahaha. | 3. My beautiful friend V celebrated his birthday with a night of the usual suspects – champagne and great food! I was yet to check out 140perth until this particular occasion, probably because I struggle with city driving (and city parking), and now I don’t know why I didn’t get down their earlier! Ribs & Burgers was the restaurant of choice, and man, the ribs were epic! If you’re a fan of meat you need to put this eatery on your wish list. So damn tasty! | 4. Second blogger collaboration of the month, this time a body positive fashion piece I put together with local fashion designer Petra of AVA. Another gorgeous day of working as a team with Demelza & Sameera, plus Hannah of In The Dress Up Box. You can read more about our views on personal style and girl power here

5. I went to my first Game of Thrones themed Sunday session not too long ago. I still don’t understand what the fuss is about (sorry) but I loved all the effort my gorgeous friend F went to planning her party. Her decorating skills we epic, and even though I failed at the quiz/drinking game, any time spent with my friends is the bomb. | 6. A week or so back I was kindly invited to attend the Betts for Her S/S15 campaign launch featuring ANTM finalist Brooke Hogan and enough shoe porn to make my year. Titled “Betts Wanderlust” the new range of Spring and Summer styles evoke day dreams of holidays away to tropical locations. I walked out with the cutest tan brogues I’ve seen. Thanks Betts! Get in store now to find your perfect pair of heels or sandals for the warmer weather. | 7. Perth celebrated the launch of the new Jaguar XE at the very cool Whipper Snapper Distillery. What a beautiful venue to unleash a beautiful car onto Perth’s streets. Can’t say I can afford a new Jag anytime soon but it was mighty fine. Jaguar fans and car enthusiasts sipped on champagne and ogled the bright lights and shiny paint job. I know nothing about cars except this one was mighty fine! | 8. Last Friday I was given a sneak peak of Jaime Lee Major‘s sparkling capsule collection at the TPFF Windows Of The City launch at ENEX100. Think fairy floss, sequins and total glamour. The event was intimate and the perfect way to unwind after a long working week. Do yourself a favour and go hunting in the city for the art covering most of the windows in town. Guarantee it’ll be hard to pick a favourite! 

This month I’ve learnt:

1. It’s hard to choose just one new favourite brunch place. More here.

2. Coconut water and vodka really do work together. More here.

3. Dressing like Alexa Chung on the cheap is simple! More here.

4. It’s super important to find a charity that is right for you. More here.

And lately I’ve been…

LISTENING TO: Keaton Henson, Halsey and Chvches

READING: Not much of anything. Blogs mainly, no books, which makes me sad!

EATING: Tasty meat and cheese at The Flour Factory. The new and improved spot is on fire! 

LOVING: Colouring in. I’m addicted! Five hours of my Saturday went to my colouring book. It’s so calming!

BUYING: Spring fashion and things to wear to TPFF15! Are you going?

Tell me exciting things! What have you been up to lately? Best thing that happened this week? What are you looking forward to?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Well, you have been a busy girl. Love your pics, particularly the one of you and your sis and the pic of the ‘raceway’. Beautiful. I have been busy gardening or one might call it taming a jungle.

  2. Soooo grateful winter is over!! And haha @ your rent inspections, I hope she’s a tyrant eheheheh. The Betts shoes look cute.

    Games of Thrones party though šŸ˜‚

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