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Welcome Back Milk! | Lacto-Free Review

I thought I’d start this post with a warning. It may contain content you might not be too keen on, especially since you might be reading this first thing with a cup of coffee. Let’s talk about lactose intolerance. 

I can’t even remember when my body stopped “liking” milk products. It’s been that long. First it was regular milk, then came yoghurt and ice-cream and don’t even ask me about excessive amounts of cheese. My Mum always drank soy milk in her coffee back in the day, but as a child I hated soy. I didn’t want to find an alternative so I rebelled for a while. I kept drinking milk, I gorged on ice-cream and ate cheese by the chunk (don’t you do that?). My body hated me. I was constantly bloated and nauseated, I was back and forth to the loo post binge and I was irritable and generally unwell. So I had to move away from milk which really pissed me off, because I loved dairy products! 

Besides the obvious of not being able to eat and drink what I wanted, moving over to alternative milk became extremely frustrating. 
Firstly, if you order anything but regular milk it is always the last coffee to be made in a cue. Always. They have to heat that soy/almond/nut milk individually and your order is normally pushed to the end of the line whilst those drinking the regular milk get their coffee first. This isn’t fun especially when you’re running late.

Secondly, non-dairy/lactose free milk and milk products are damn pricey! Have you ever purchased yoghurt made from coconut milk? That shiz is expensive. Try somewhere between $5-$7 more. I recently paid $14 for a tiny tub of coconut milk yoghurt. It was delicious but it wasn’t worth THAT much. I felt bad buying it! And soy yoghurt tastes bizarre. It’s not fun and it only comes in two flavours. Variety please! I dreamt about a gorgeous Greek yoghurt mixed with fresh berries. But if I ate that Greek I’d be in the toilet in a huge amount of pain an hour later. It’s wasn’t worth it.

Until now.

I don’t know how much you guys know about the reason most people suffer from lactose intolerance. In non medical terms, basically the body cannot break down and digest lactose, causing bloating, diarrhoea (ick) and tummy issues. This is where I need to introduce my hand bag (and bellies) new best friend. Lacto-Free is a new way to reintroduce all your favourite dairy snacks back into your life with one little pill. When I received the gifted package recently I was very intrigued. Thoughts raced through my mind on how such a tiny tablet smaller than a pain killer would allow my irritable tummy to have milk? It almost seemed too good to be true! Being the paranoid girl I am when it comes to taking extra medication, I double checked with a pharmacist just to make sure I’d be alright with the tablet and he explained to me they were simply an enzyme to help assist with breaking down the lactose in my belly. Yay! 

So I jumped right in. I ordered a regular Latte at the work coffee shop. Whilst waiting for the coffee to brew (it was SO much faster than my usual order that’s for sure), I read the instructions on the back of the Lacto-Free dispenser. 

“Take one or two tablets prior to consuming dairy. Repeat the dose if you continue to eat dairy after one hour.”

Simple! I popped two of the tablets, knowing my belly probably needed as many lactose breaking enzymes as it could get, and waited for my coffee. And then I drank a regular coffee for the first time in years. Eeek! Firstly I couldn’t believe how different regular milk tastes compared to soy, and secondly I forgot how much I enjoyed real cow milk! Fingers crossed I headed back to work and continued my day. I’ll admit I was little bit nervous the tablets wouldn’t work and I’d be rushing to the bathroom in the very near future but I was so wrong! My stomach did feel a little unsettled at first, but then nothing. That’s right, the tablet worked! Those little enzymes kicked in and got my body digesting and I didn’t get sick! So I tried again the next day – same deal but less discomfort post milk. And again the next day. I’ve been drinking coffee with regular milk for the past two weeks now and I’ve not once felt queasy or bloated! I even tried a large pot of Chobani yoghurt (which used to make me feel gassy and ill almost immediately) and all I felt was full and happy! I can eat yoghurt again! I’m still drinking soy every now and then (because I like the taste) but it’s so nice to have the option again! Happy dancing!

Coincidental story, the other day at work (whilst trialling the Lacto-Free) a new barista made me the wrong coffee (I’d ordered soy not thinking) and when noticing the mistake she was extremely apologetic and offered to remake my brew. It was so great to just take the regular coffee, pop a couple of pills and continue my day! Life is so much easier now. 

Lacto-Free is available at most chemists including Chemist Warehouse and AMCAL. The convenient dispenser contains 100 tablets and fits easily in even the smallest bag or clutch. I feel total confidence eating and drinking dairy products knowing Lacto-Free is helping my body do what it should be doing. And now I can eat as much cheese as I like without making a date with the toilet. Life is so much easier thanks to Lacto-Free! 

Are you lactose intolerant? Do you have any food allergies? What?

E x 

*Lacto-Free tablets provided by Sweaty Betty PR for my editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. And they worked! 


  1. twenty says

    How wonderful for you. Word of warning, tooooooooooooooooo much soy milk can have serious effects for women and womens business. So, its great you’ve found these pills. I wonder if eventually you’ll be able to go without them? I couldn’t stomach milk products but after actually eating a much healthier diet, the problems with lactose eased all by themselves. Thankfully.

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