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Six ways to detox your mind, body and soul for Spring and Summer

With the change of season now is the time to make a few changes in your life. Cleansing and cleaning your headspace, body, living space and social space can be exactly what you need to do to kick those Winter blues. I’ve compiled a list of six key areas of your life to get rearranging, revitalising and changing for the sunshine months. Think of how good you’ll feel when your health, head and home is decluttered! 

Detox your body


Raise your hand if you ate your way through Winter? I did! It’s so much easier to comfort eat during the chillier months because it is just so good to snuggle up on the couch with a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit (or five). But now the sun is out and I want to get out and enjoy it! Except I’m feeling sluggish and blah and kick starting your Spring health routine is a great way to get back to feeling like you normally do.

I’ve juice cleansed in the past so I though why not give it a go again. I know they make me feel lighter and brighter post cleanse and having completed a detox more than once I felt like I had more knowledge on how to prepare third time lucky. 

I opted for a Pure Glow* one day cleanse, but this time the “Deep Glow” version featuring their brand new ruby juice. The biggest tip that has helped me when juice cleansing is to cut your coffee intake prior to commencing, so the day before I only drank one coffee. I know, I still had coffee, but for someone who is actually addicted to caffeine this was a huge step for me.   

The one day Deep Glow juice slightly differs from the original one day cleanse and features six huge juices for you to sip on through out the day, every two hours. The cleanse begins with the light and zesty Sunrise Elixir. Packed full of aloe and lemon it is the perfect juice to prepare your body for a whole lot of juice. Followed by two servings of Wonder Greens, a green hit packed with ginger, coconut juice, cos, spinach and more this juice is fast becoming a favourite. It was filling and not too sweet, a great balance post Sunrise Elixer. Then we move on to juice I’d been waiting for all day – the Ruby. Bright pink and obviously containing beetroot, this juice was guaranteed to get my insides moving, haha! Hints of cranberry and coconut balanced the beet, and according to the handy info sheet Pure Glow emailed me the morning of the cleanse, this juice was bound to clear my skin and make me feel zingy! It worked. The fifth juice of the day was another original, the Green Guru. This juice was perfect for that mid afternoon slump as it was full of kale, cos and mint and was actually quite filling. The final juice is everyone who has cleansed favourite, as it is completely different to the rest. The Chai Vanilla Dream is creamy and nutty and perfect when heated up slightly. Yum.

Although I did have a slight headache in the late afternoon due to coffee cravings, this was by far the easiest juice cleanse I’ve completed. And it was perfect kick start to healthy eating for Spring. The next day I was actually craving vegetables and fish and all those good things! Mission complete. 

Detox your mind 

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t touch my phone for over three hours. Besides work and sleep of course! It is a well known fact that the world is technology addicted, myself included. Especially because social media is a huge part of my blog I find myself constantly checking in to see what is happening in the world. It’s a huge distraction! I love all forms of media, but when I scroll through Instagram feeds and read articles my brain goes into overdrive and I find myself drafting blog posts, writing to do lists and noting what’s the latest and coolest things and places to try. My poor brain needs a technology break! 

And that is how I found my new favourite past time (and hobby). Colouring in. Everyone is doing it right now and with good reason. Once you get into the zone you stay there, as “art therapy” is known to evoke creativity with a therapeutic undertone, known to improve psychical, mental and emotional wellbeing. My concentration has improved since I started colouring, I find myself zoning out and not thinking about my mile long to do list. It’s become the perfect relaxation tool. You can find adult colouring books all over the shop these days (I found mine at a newsagent). Get on it! 

Detox your phone

I always have an overfilled phone! I’m constantly getting that message stating I need to clean up as I’m down to my last single digit megabytes. Combat that issue by deleting those old blurry pictures of nothing clogging up your albums, empty your junk mail box on your email, remove any apps you haven’t accessed for yonks. You’ll be surprised how much space you’ll create if you give your phone a good clean up. While your at it, transfer your older pictures over to your computer. You don’t need a snap of a coffee from 47 weeks ago. I tell myself I might need it for some reason or another. I’m wrong. Move it to the computer and make some space for a new coffee pic! And finally, give your phone a sponge bath. You don’t realise how gross they actually are. So many germs!  

Detox your friends list

I’ll admit it right now, I cull my Facebook friend list every few months. The person who is constantly posting whining status’ or people full of negativity. I just don’t want to see it. Or that random from three years ago who you used to work with but only spoke to twice a week. Yeah. Not that I share a lot of personal things on my Facebook account but I like to keep it for the ones I know. And interact with. 

Detox your wardrobe

With sunshine pretty much a given from now on in, this is the perfect time to pack away your Winter goodies and make room for your warmer weather wear. You’re not going to need your wooly jumpers and bed socks for the next six months so get organised and store them away. While you’re at it, donate those items you haven’t worn for 528 years to charity. You’ll feel good and it’s a nice thing to do for those less fortunate. 

Detox your playlist

A new season means time for new tunes! I don’t know about you but my music matches my mood and the weather so my playlist is currently filled with chilled tunes for when the rain is falling down. Time to add some more upbeat, happy tracks to my list. I’m loving Alison Wonderland, Flume and Purity Ring right now so they’ll be at the top of my mix coming into Summer. 

How do you prepare yourself for the sunshine months? 

E x

*Pure Glow Cleanse gifted for my review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. twenty says

    Oddly, when the birds start nesting here , I start stitching, cutting colourful squares and giving the birdies my cotton offcuts which they somehow intertwine into said nests. Perfect. Spring, yes, that time of the year for clean ups, new starts and a bit of vigour. Great post. Love the sound of the Vanilla, nutty cleanse drink. Love the pic of the juices stacked on top of each other, good shot.(and you know what you can do with those clothes you are going to get rid of !!)

    • I’ll be donating my spare clothes that are NOT cotton to the op shops T! They are still wearable haha! Love that the birdies are happily building nests from cotton. Sounds cute x

  2. I LOVE this post because I love all these concepts for simplifying life or detoxing the soul and spirit and body as you say! I especially need a bit of a social media detox and one thing I do on a regular basis as well is cull my friends list. Not because I am unfriendly but for the reasons you state as well. I find though many don’t think like this but if I have too much going on there, I hate it.:) I am going to share this!:)

  3. The juice sounds like a great idea although i could never give up coffee, even for a day!!
    I recently started yoga and am trying to get into a daily routine of including 15 minutes a day. I have found it to be the best for clearing and settling my mind!

  4. I’m doing a lot of spring cleaning at the moment. Much the same as you. I’m also looking at doing a 1-day juice cleanse with PGC, I really enjoyed their 5-day cleanse earlier in the year and keen to try their new flavours.

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