What kind of friend are you?

I’ve been a naughty friend lately. Not in the sense of being mean and nasty to my friends, but in the sense of letting life snatch me up and the roller coster whirl wind of blog life and other things has dragged me away from my normal routine and I miss my friends. Flicking through my phone lately more than one close friend and I have tried to plan a coffee date or a brunch date and it just hasn’t happened. Hey life, slow down. I miss my mates! 

This got me thinking about friendship in general. People have people in their lives for different reasons. To inspire them. To better them as a person. To pick them up. To laugh with. If they need an ear. I’ve put together a list of the kinds of friendships you come across in life. From the good to the not so perfect. What kind of friend are you? 

1. The BFF

Simple really. That one person who you can trust with anything, rely on to be there anytime of the day or night. The kind of person who will drop anything for their friends, regardless of whether they’re busy or not. 

2. The Fun One

The person everyone knows will be up for a night on the town or a burger at midnight. The kind of person who is keen as a bean and ready to go on an adventure. If it’s fun, you’re in. You don’t really need to know what the deal is, you’re in! I love these kinds of people. I used to be this girl when I was younger, I need to find her in myself again!

3. The Sensible Friend

Everyone needs a sensible mate to keep them on the straight and narrow. A role model of sorts. Someone who has your best intentions at heart and wants to see you making the right choices in your life. The friend who is always prepared, no matter the situation. I have a few of these friends, and who knows what I’d do without them.

4. The Ear

That one person you can pretty much discuss anything and everything with and you know it won’t get out. Advice is always appreciated too. Finding an ear can be tricky as ears are attached to mouths, and mouths talk so you have to find an ear who you know you can rely on. 

5. The Part Time Friend

What is a part time friend you ask? Basically the way I see it is someone who is your friend when it is convenient for them and fits into their life and schedule. Part time friendship isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, it just means you let yourself get caught up and distracted in whatever else is going on and you can’t seem to find the time to reply to your mates or see them unless it is convenient to you. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about them, because of course you do, you just let other distractions get in the way and you sometimes forget the important things. I’ve been this friend and been on the receiving end of this kind of friend. Try not to be this kind of person people. Life is busy, but you should always make time. And I’m sorry if I’ve been this kind of friend lately. You can smack me. 

6. The LOL

The one who makes you laugh until the tears stream. I love my clowns. They make everything lighter, brighter and easier! Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and smile. There is no better medicine. They say happiness is contagious, and I’ll agree. Whenever I spend time with the clowns in my life I leave feeling like a weight has been lifted. And laughing until your stomach hurts is a great work out!

7. The Superficial Friend

Everyone has at least one superficial friend. The air kisses friend, the one you have not a lot with common with. They’re a lot of fun in group situations but if you needed help they probably wouldn’t be the one to offer. Social situations yes, the bigger issues no. 

8. The Aspirational Friend

The one you wish you were more like. The one who you find yourself drawing energy and inspiration from. Obviously you should always be you, but this kind of friend makes you want to be a better person. This is the kind of friend I would like to be to someone. 

Now friends, I’m sorry. As I said, time to give me a smack and tell me off. We are catching up. And soon. I miss long lazy lunches and multiple coffee dates. Schedule me in. I promise I’ll be better

What kind of friend are you? Are you bad at scheduling friends in? Tips?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Interesting post. Yes, there are all sorts of people that we interact with and for different reasons. Having genuine friends, even if you can only count them on one hand, is of utmost importance.

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