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Kitsch Bar in West Leederville has been around for a few years now, but when I heard the place had just been revamped including a brand new menu, I was there. I have visited Kitsch in the very distant past, and from what I remember it was a nice meal, but nothing too memorable. But since visiting last week thanks to Yelp Elite (more about Yelp later) my opinion has changed completely! The restaurant and bar can be found down the other end of Oxford Street, away from the hustle and bustle of central Leederville. There is actually room to park and you won’t be fighting for a car spot. Sounds perfect, right?

Aesthetically speaking, the space is extremely stunning. With options to sit both inside (think private dining areas perfect for date night) or outside under the shade of a beautiful tree adorned with lanterns and lights, you’ll feel very at home at the funky Asian fusion restaurant. The bar is huge and features a lengthy cocktail menu, which I will totally be trying next time I head down. Everything from the crockery to the tables and chairs have been hand picked to further enhance the dining experience. The new and improved street food menu is perfectly curated and features Kitsch’s take on classic Thai cooking, with a twist of course. All dishes are made for sharing, so grab your mates and pop on down. You will not be disappointed!

What to order…

Sourdough Prawn Toast w/ Black Sesame & Sriracha Mayo ($16.70)

Kitsch’s take on the Asian classic is nothing like the run of the mill, limp ass prawn toast you’d find at your local Chinese restaurant. Crispy, packed with flavour and extremely moorish, this is a must order if you do check out Kitsch. The mayo enhanced the sweet and juicy prawn and I probably could have licked the plate (if I wasn’t sharing OR out to dinner). A few of the girls we were dining with at the event had only recently visited the restaurant, and raved about the prawn toast for a good ten minutes before we had the chance to try it. The raving was warranted! Delish.

Spiced Corn Fritters w/ Green Chilli Jam & Coriander Syrup ($13.20)

Who knew corn fritters were considered Thai food? Told you Kitsch had their own way of doing food. Whether they are or aren’t Thai, I was so happy they were on the menu, because they were honestly the best corn fritters (or any fritters in fact) that I have ever tried! Sorry Mum, your zucchini fritters don’t come close! Crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside, they really were absolutely scrumptious. Served with tasty, thick chilli jam, the table was in heaven. I will confess to you all that more than one diner actually ate the jam with a spoon on its own, it was that good. I’m not a huge coriander fan but syrup was a good balance with the other elements. Two thumbs up!

BBQ Szechuan Chicken w/ Corn Salsa ($24.90)

So smoky, so tender. When I hear szechuan I immediately think “too spicy”, but the flavours of this dish were so perfectly balanced that even I could eat it! Coriander and fresh corn salsa worked so well with the blackened chook. The dish had so much colour too, pity it was getting dark by the time we started eating, my photography went a little down hill from here guys, sorry! If you’re not a huge fan of Asian food (crazy people), this would be the perfect dish to order. It almost tastes South American!

Fried Banana w/ Sweet Corn Ice Cream & Popcorn ($13.40)

Firstly, isn’t this dish so pretty! Caramelised, crunchy banana accompanied by delicious ice cream. Another first for me, I’ve never tried corn ice cream, but I could taste no difference from the regular dairy treat. Smooth and creamy, every mouthful was a surprise as chunks of crunchy pop corn were laced throughout the dessert. So unexpected but so fun! There were mixed opinions around the table on this dish, but I was a fan. More for me!

I had never been to a Yelp Elite event before, but it was a really nice way to dine out, as obviously Yelper’s are foodies, and foodies understand the protocol of food photography whilst dining out. It was so nice not be the only one toting a camera along with me, and it was lovely way to meet a new bunch of Perth foodies and bloggers. If you’ve not yet downloaded the Yelp app, get on it. You can find everything from take away coffee to dry cleaners to cinemas in your area (and all around the city) plus the latest events and happenings going on around you. Huge thanks to Laura from Yelp AUS for hosting me. I’ll definitely be at the next meet and greet.


What is your favourite Asian dish?

E x 

PS – Tuesday is all about Pad Thai at Kitsch. Specials all night! 

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  1. Love Kitsch bar. Although, I haven’t been there a long while. I might need to add it to my ‘casing the cocktail’ mystery tour potentials.

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