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What I Wore: All Summer Long {featuring Pure Moda}

“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever…”

This post is sponsored by Pure Moda

SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia “Kitti” via PureModa* {exact match} | TOP: Gifted | SKIRT: Mix Apparel {exact match} | BROGUES: “Kingsley” Betts For Her {exact match} | BAG: Kmart Australia | LIPSTICK: Australis Go Long in “Luxe Love” {exact match}

Summer is around the corner. I can feel it as the rays beat down, smell it in the freshly mowed grass. Everyone is embracing the sunshine… Getting up earlier, staying out later, smiling more. Or maybe that’s just me. I recently returned home after a week away down south in Denmark with friends. It was so beautiful to get on the open road, rock out to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, share a bottle of wine or five and just breath. Sometimes life can be so busy you can’t process anymore, so packing up and heading south was the best medicine for me. Plus that is what Summer is all about – friends, long afternoons in the sunshine, relaxation and finding yourself again. 

It is obvious the Summer bug has well and truly hit me. Frocking up for Frocktober may have been a part of it. Popping on a dress every day (all in the name of ovarian cancer research) and feeling the sun on my skin has been so much fun, but I’m starting to miss my “staples”. I love dresses, but this girl is actually very casual in regular every day life, and it is almost time to put my “uniform” back on. Do you wear a uniform? And by uniform I don’t mean a work uniform, I mean a specific “style” of outfit often? For me it involves some kind of denim, a stripe or two, bold lipstick, feature sunglasses and a great pair of shoes to get me through the day. Oh, and a cute body bag to carry all my rubbish. Slipping into my “uniform” on holidays felt so good. I was back! I want to discuss my uniform today. It’s something I’ll be wearing all Summer long. Don’t worry friends, the dresses will still make an appearance, but it is time for my essentials to start infiltrating my wardrobe again.


I am one of those girls who prefers to have five pairs of “feature sunnies” rather than one expensive pair. A few pairs that go with my outfits and moods. When PureModa approached me to review their relatively new online boutique (born in 2013), I knew it would be an exciting challenge to choose a pair of new sunglasses from their extensive range. If you’ve not yet heard of PureModa listen up! The e-boutique is packed to the brim with designer labels for every kind girl. Online shopping is so much easier than popping in to town, and who wants to waste time going shopping when you could do it from home or the beach or in transit to your favourite Summer activity? PureModa is a little different to other online shopping experiences. The team hand-pick their favourite seasonal looks from over 20 Aussie and international labels for your shopping pleasure. The shipping is free too! Does it get any better? With labels including Keepsake the label, Elliatt, Honey and Beau and Pink Stitch you can see it is all about quality and embracing the fashionista in you. So now you see how hard it was to choose a pair of sunglasses!

When looking for a new pair of sunglasses there are a few things I consider. Firstly, I need them to actually protect my eyes and not just look good! UV protection is so important, especially in Summer. Luckily PureModa has a “product guide” on all items for sale with all the information you need to feel comfortable shopping online. Secondly, I love a pair of sunnies that makes a statement. I’ve mentioned in the past how important accessories are to enhance your outfits (more on that here) and I needed a pair that suited my personality and were very me. I’d been looking for a black pair forever and these “Kitti” shades by Quay Australia were right up my alley! I love the vintage cat eye vibe, the matte black finish and they fit like a glove! And at only $40 they really were a bargain. It was huge decision to make as PureModa’s accessory range is extensive, but I think I’ve made the right choice, right? If you’re more of a glamour puss I also loved this pair of Quay Australia “Steel Cat” frames. Now they would make a statement and a half! 


Denim is big every season, and while I wish I could wear my jeans all year round, they just wouldn’t cut it in the Perth heat. Time to start rocking the denim skirts. Thanks to the seventies revival in fashion there are so many styles of denim skirt flying around at the moment. I was on the hunt for the perfect a-line version, but thanks to my very large bum I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with that particular style. A straight down cut works much better for those with a larger behind, as you are not losing the shape of the skirt thanks to your protruding bottom! My only issue with denim skirts is my waist is an entire size smaller than my hips, so I have to buy the size for my thighs and draw the waist in with a belt! I envy you all who can buy one size to fit all over your lower half! I like the look of a thin tan belt with the blue denim though, it’s a great way to break up an outfit and it ties in my favourite Betts brogues and hand bag. Every girl should have at least one denim skirt in their wardrobe this season, as they can be dressed up and down and they’re a great capsule piece for the sunshine months. Denim goes with everything, but I love pairing denim and stripes to keep it classic. This top was actually a gifted dress from a friend that I “revamped” by cutting in half, haha. I love the higher neckline but preferred it as a top. I don’t know how many times I’ve worn a stripe on the blog, but they just work. 

Now can we just focus on the beautiful scenery for a moment? My friend S and I made it our mission to get down to this jetty when we visited Denmark. It was so ethereal and magical, I knew it was the perfect place to shoot my Summer essentials. Sitting back and watching the sky turn from clear, to blue, to pink was seriously mind-blowing. I felt instant calm as I sat back on the rickety jetty and inhaled the fresh inlet air. If that is not perfect, than I don’t know what is. Even though Summer is all about fun in the sun, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself every now and then. It’s the perfect mind medicine.


Do you shop online? What are your Summer essentials? What style of sunglasses is your go to?

E x

* PureModa sunglasses gifted for my review as per my review policy. All opinions are my own. Photography by Stephanie Both.  


  1. twenty says

    Great Post. And love those sunnies. They suit you and I agree, the Steel Cat ones are wicked, aren’t they? Had never heard of Pure Moda and just checked out their site, lots of stuffffffffffffff. Thanks.

  2. I just bought that Mix skirt too!!! Hahah, I had to have it after wearing a similar one in the 90s. Am also in agreement with the glasses philosophy. While it’s nice to have a luxe branded pair, sometimes you want to change the look daily and I seem to find now that $8 cheapies from Kmart are where it’s at!!

  3. Love those sunnies, and they look great on you. I love the idea of having a ‘uniform’ and yours is quietly stylish but casual. Like it 🙂

  4. You look so relaxed and the sunnies look great ! Denmark is a gorgeous place . I’m a regular pants or denim wearer so Frocktober has even fun but I’m hanging out to add some new shorts and skirts to the wardrobe. X

  5. The cheap sunnies is where I’m at. With 2 kiddos they end up disappearing into the “void”. So that gives me an excuse to buy another cute pair. I love yours. That skirt is great too. Zoe xx

    • Thanks lady. I’m not good with fancy things either ha! Plus I change my mind all the time about what I like, so it’s better to have more than less I guess hahaha x

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