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The other side of “Fashion Blogging”

If you’ve been hiding under a rock this week you may have missed the news that one of Australia’s biggest social media stars has quit social media as she felt the entire online world was fake and she was miserable. I never actually followed Essena O’Neill’s Instagram account, as I had no interest in the bikinis and expensive gowns she was promoting, plus those kinds of accounts are way too curated for me, but she is right to say that an Instagram profile is not a 100% real view at someone’s life. I wouldn’t say they’re “fake”, but when you work in social media, Instagram is an online portfolio of your best work. Feeds tend to be matched by colour and picture theme and I guarantee your favourite Instagrammer’s have a folder of pictures on their phones ready to post at the best time for their followers. I’ll admit I do choose my posts depending on the other colours in my feed, and I try not to post too many pictures of myself at once to keep it balanced, but other than that it is pretty real. I post what I’m feeling at the time whether it be a coffee snap or my current breakfast, because it’s my IG. As bloggers and Instagrammer’s we are going to choose the best pictures, but they are still our pictures, parts of us.

Personally I’m a huge social media fan. I find inspiration scrolling through IG feeds, I read 4126 blogs and I am completely addicted to Snap Chat. I’ve met gorgeous people via social media. I’ve met a few not so fabulous souls via social media. But that is life! There is good and bad in every situation, real or online. You’ve just got to focus on the positives in my opinion.

Talking about myself though, I do not photoshop my pictures. I barely know how to use the program. I do edit the colours of the shots by lightening them up, or adding a filter depending on what the mood of what I’m wearing is, but what you see is what you get. No fixing my face, not smoothing my skin. I have nothing at all against those who do, especially photographers, but I like to keep it real on The Illusive Femme, tired eyes and all! When it comes to shooting fashion posts sometimes it does take 422 shots before I’m happy with how I look, and of course we want to show our best side, especially if I’ve been gifted an item of clothing. Also on that note, I always disclose gifted or sponsored posts on my blog and Instagram. I feel like people should know what is and isn’t gifted or sponsored. Plus when it comes to choosing items to review for the blog I only feature products I truly believe in.

I’m only human, I’m the first to judge myself when it comes to selfies. So today I wanted to share the other side. The pictures that didn’t make the blog or social media cut… But stuff it, now they have! Let’s be real! No one is perfect. We all take a bad snap. I take 6532 million. That’s life! Hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of them, I have!

LEFT: Blogged | RIGHT: Pretty sure I was trying to “smize” in this picture but I actually just look kind of sad. My arm also looks three times wider than the snap on the left, so the slightest tilt can make a huge difference! This picture didn’t make it because I look like I’m about to burst into tears…!

TOP: Blogged | BOTTOM: No idea what kind of pose this is, but it just looked awkward and weird. I do like to try new poses but this one clearly didn’t make the cut. It looks like an “awkward turtle” to me! Why I attempted it, nobody knows.

LEFT: Blogged | RIGHT: Literally falling over in a garden. Somehow I lost my footing in a public flower bed and sort of fell over. This picture was taken at the very moment I started falling! You should have heard my friends crack up, it was a hoot! Although my skirt looked cool all puffed up with the wind this certainly didn’t make it online for obvious reasons. Until now that is! 

TOP: Blogged | BOTTOM: Posing with a bike is lady like, actually trying to ride said bike for a shoot is a joke! My underwear is riding up my butt, I look so uncoordinated and it just doesn’t work. Posing with my beautiful bike was enough, the riding part of it can stay off the internet. What a terrible picture.

LEFT: Blogged | RIGHT: Walking towards the camera, trying to be fashion model-esque. In reality I look like a zombie. Sometimes what I’m trying to convey just doesn’t come across as I would like it to. My eyes also look super squinty so the sunglasses stayed on for the pictures that made the cut. 

TOP: Blogged | BOTTOM: Who actually holds their handbag like I am in the bottom picture? It looks like I am weight lifting my bag. Clearly I was trying to show off the purse but failed! Cheesy grin and exercising with my hand bag clearly didn’t make the cut! So dorky!

LEFT: Blogged | RIGHT: The drama of using a tripod on a windy day when you can’t see what you’re doing! I have hundreds of snaps like this one from solo shooting. The angle is just wrong, my face is completely covered. I look like Cousin It or a bearded lady. Awks.

So now do you see why people in the social media and blogging industry curate their pages? Sometimes you have to pick the best pictures for your brand! Just remember not to take yourself or social media too seriously guys. It’s your life. If you want to post a thousand selfies, do it. If you want to capture every coffee you drink, there is no harm in that. Just be you, everyone else is taken. 

What do you like about social media? And dislike? 

E x 


  1. Em this is awesome, great idea!
    Most of my ‘outtake shots’ are of me laughing or moaning at the camera at my boyfriend to stop taking the piss out of me!

    Hayley x

  2. Shan@FortyUp says

    Love this Em! I’m with you, although I take a lot of pics to get one I actually like, my feed is honest, it’s about me & that’s all that matters really! I wish I had time to look for the perfect blue wall then lounge nonchantly next to it in my designer get up of the day, but reality is, I have 10 minutes & an 8 year old taking the photos!! But I do love IG, it’s my guilty pleasure!!! xx

  3. A world of yes to all of this. I didn’t even know who Essenie O’Neill was until this week and even if I did, I wouldn’t have followed for the same reasons as you – I prefer more realness in my IG feed – but I agree with her stance. I do take a heap of shots trying to get the right one and I get annoyed that I haven’t ever got a decent space to prop my phone up and there’s always a clothes rack or wheelie bin or garden hose to kick out of the way. I put up the shots I like best with no regard to colour or content, I might correct a shadow or blemish on my face or whiten my eyes/teeth if I have time (like maybe 1 in 20 selfies or less), but mostly I just use filters and tools to edit. Love your outtakes. I might do something similar one day!

  4. Love this post! I had no idea who Essena was, but my feeling was very much that her “fake” life was a construct that she made for herself. A prison she had designed with rules of conduct she felt compelled to follow. I feel quite sorry for her, but she still appears to have missed the point!

    I prefer to over disclose, and I edit photographs by fixing the lighting and colour. I have a burn mark on my inner eye and sometimes I’ll blur that a little bit because it photographs far worse than it looks in real life.

    I’ve done an outtake post before too – it’s just hilarious! My son takes my photos so it can sometimes be a bit of a giggle fest!

  5. Great angle Em. I agree, social media is a reflection of the world we live in, (as in, good with the bad). Insta accounts are curated but that’s part of the fun! Love your out takes 🙂 It’s all about being yourself!

    • We must stay true! I’m surprised how many people actually checked out this post – clearly people want to see the not so pretty!

  6. twenty says

    Great read today. I think you should do a periodic outtake post coz its just wonderful. And its refreshing that you can be open about it, have a giggle. It seems to me the young girl that has quit instagramming is in reality just moving her followers over to her new site (and asking for money). If she was actually over it she wouldn’t be continuing with any form of social media. I could be wrong of course. Just how it looks. There are positives and negatives to everyone being able to ‘see’ what so many others are up to. The thing is, if you are into it, great…go for it. If not, you don’t have to get involved. Easy. Personally, I love reading your posts Miss Femme. Don’t ask me why but somehow , Bridget Jones’ Diary comes to mind. (which I love).

  7. twenty says

    When I say Bridget Jones, I mean an endearing character who lets everyone have a peek at what’s on the go!!

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