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Like It Local Perth: La Sorella Soy Candles

With Christmas less than a month away it is well and truly time to get shopping for your loved ones. There are always so many presents to buy and personally I find it easier asking those I’m gifting for a small list so I don’t end up buying something completely wrong. Shopping for your partner and family is pretty easy, but it is the other people I struggle with, like the secret Santa draw at work – now that is a struggle. And whenever I buy a present for my boss I panic! Oh dear! One product I know will be very popular this festive season is the candle. They always are! I can’t remember a year I didn’t receive a candle in my Santa stocking. Some of you may be thinking you don’t need any more candles in your life, but this Perth candle company is one candle you want and need in your stocking this year. Classic designs, scents to match all of your moods and locally made and hand poured! Ticks all my boxes. Introducing La Sorella Soy Candles. Meet the lady behind it all – Emma!

Describe yourself in five words?

My friends rank peoples’ energy on a scale of “1 to Emma”, so I’m definitely enthusiastic! I’d also describe myself as positive, caring and passionate. 

Tell us a little bit about what do you do and why?

My first love is working with kids from challenging backgrounds, so I studied Psychology at university and now work for Edmund Rice Camps WA. I had no real idea that I was creative and that I wanted to be a small business owner until just over a year ago when I hand poured my first soy candle with my sister. La Sorella Soy Candles is now a new love of mine! It’s a wonderful creative outlet, my house smells amazing and I get to make other people happy – how great!

What’s a typical day like in your world?

My life is a little crazy but I love it this way. I’m always on the go and (almost) always on my phone – whether it be texting Edmund Rice Camps volunteers about upcoming programs, posting a pic on our Instagram account, replying to emails or getting excited when a new order comes in! I work part-time at ERCWA and outside of this time I hand pour all La Sorella Soy Candles myself in our little home studio.

Where do find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the support that my friends and family have given me since La Sorella Soy Candles re-launched a few months ago. The kids that I work with at Edmund Rice Camps WA always remind me to enjoy the simple things in life and to not get bogged down with deadlines. There is also lots of amazing stuff on Instagram and Pinterest too!

Why candles?

Why not? They’re gorgeous! When my sister first taught me how to pour soy candles I was living out of home and we wanted to find mutual interest. I text a picture to a few friends and we sold 24 candles in an hour! It was definitely the start of something exciting – even though we didn’t know it at the time!

What is your favourite scent?

Our fragrances were selected after months of testing by my gorgeous friends, family and I. We have a range of fresh, floral and woody fragrances. If you’d asked me a few months ago my favourite was probably “By the Fire” as it’s a real musky scent – perfect for winter weather. At the moment I’m really loving our fresh fragrances! You can’t beat Avocado & Mint and Clean Linen – they’re so refreshing and a little different too. We’ve received heaps of fab feedback on our fragrance list which is cool!

What is coming up for you in the future?

We just launched our Limited Edition Concrete Collection and have received such a great response so far. We are also doing something early 2016 with Yeah Tie Dye which is going to involve lots of fresh fragrances, colour and fun! Very excited for this project.

What’s your favourite thing about the Perth creative scene?

The Perth Collective and Perth Pop are great! They’re both creating a space for small Perth businesses to gain more exposure and meet other locals who are in the same boat as them. The ladies I’ve meet through these platforms are amazing. It’s great to have people to share the challenging times with (and compare coffee consumption!), but also to share the joys of running your own business with.

Where is your favourite place to eat / drink / shop in Perth?

Shopping wise, you can’t go wrong with Ethel & Leo. Love her prints! We are very excited to have our gorgeous soy candles in some fresh, summery fragrances in the E&L store soon! I’m a cappuccino addict and walk to our local coffee shop, Café Lumos, every morning – today I went there twice!

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I’m super proud of the cool stuff I’ve done in my short 24 years, but all have been a result of hard work, overcoming challenges and my fab support network – and lots of coffee too, of course! Just over 12 months ago I launched an online mentoring program with upper primary school kids in rural communities, through the organisation Teach Learn Grow. So far we’ve engaged 64 kids and 64 mentors in the program which has been pretty fun! In terms of La Sorella Soy Candles, my rebrand and relaunch a few months ago was huge for me. I really wanted my customers to feel proud to display their La Sorella Soy Candles in their home, so I love receiving messages or photos from happy customers more than anything.

Where can we find your products?

We’re very active on social media, especially Instagram, so jump on board to see some gorgeous pictures of our products. Our full La Sorella Soy Candles range is currently available online including our Limited Edition Concrete Collection, which is a project that Zindi Pots and I have been working on for the past few months. We also stock part of our range in Common Ground Fremantle and Stolen Moment Beauty in Victoria Park.

Now do you want a candle in your Christmas loot this year? My favourite flavour of Emma’s is definitely the French Pear, as it is sweet and luxe and the perfect candle to burn to start your day right. I’ve created a new little habit of lighting my candle when I wake up in the morning, and letting the scent take over as I potter around and enjoy my first coffee of the day. It is instantly calming and the perfect way to centre myself for the day ahead! I highly recommend this for all of you who can’t seem to relax, like me! I’ve also sampled the Clean Linen scent, and Emma was right in saying it is so fresh! This candle is currently living in the bottom of my wardrobe and the smell has given my clothes that extra clean scent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – shop local this Christmas. Perth is full of amazing creatives you need to support. If you’re looking for some more Perth locals check out AVA for fashion, Beau Est Mien, Ali J and Nevertheless for art and craft and for stationary StephSaysSmile. Happy shopping!

What is on your Christmas wish list? 

E x

All photographs in the above collage taken from La Sorella Instagram. Photo credits left to right – La Sorella, @theperthcollective, La Sorella, @bekahdunstan, @tash_drummondhay, @onepennie, La Sorella, La Sorella & @jade_made_arts – E x


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