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Five reasons to try Bendy Breakfast Yoga Perth in 2016

I never thought I’d see the day when I woke up extremely early on a Saturday morning to exercise. I’m not a huge fan of getting sweaty at the gym and hate “walking” as much as I hate a lot of green vegetables, so when I set my alarm for 5am a few weeks ago I knew I must be crazy. Why so early you ask? Because I randomly lost my mind and enrolled in a yoga class with a friend. And not just any yoga class, but Perth’s latest yoga go-to, Bendy Breakfast. The outdoor yoga class and healthy eats post saluting the sun is the new way to exercise and de-stress, without having to scout a brunch location after the class!

Last post I spoke a little about 2016 being the year of trying new things. As I said here I’m not planning on making any resolutions coming into the new year, but I’ve told myself trying new things is the way to go. I want to get out and discover potential new hobbies, give things a go and have fun this year. I’ve made a list (of course) of all of the things I want to try, and it is continuously growing, but it’s not even 2016 yet and I’m already ticking boxes! Early morning yoga was on my list, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. 

I first heard about Bendy Breakfast a few months back from fellow Perth blogger Sameera of DYNamique Blog. She had been invited to experience the new way to exercise, and I was intrigued to try it myself! You can read more about her experiences here. The last time I tried yoga I spent the entire time laughing with friends. I wasn’t as flexible as I would have liked, I couldn’t get the flow and there was no way I was able to attempt to meditate in a cramped room at a gym. My friends and I were politely asked afterwards to perhaps find a class more suited to us, and I never went back. So embarrassing. That was nearly eight years ago, so when I signed up for Bendy Breakfast I crossed my fingers it’d be more my thing so many years on. How right I was! Here are five reasons why you need to give Bendy Breakfast a go in the new year!

1. Outdoor yoga is so much more relaxed and chilled out than practising the art indoors. With a cool breeze blowing and a beautiful blue sky above I felt so calm and relaxed as soon as we began. The classes are held in “nature spaces” nearby to the breakfast spot where you dine afterwards. The space we occupied behind Ailment Cafe in West Leederville was breezy, surrounded by flowers and shrubs and shady. Perfect for a spot of morning yoga! 

2. Bendy Breakfast isn’t just for yoga experts! As I mentioned earlier I hadn’t been to yoga in years so I was a little nervous about failing miserably. Thankfully Bendy Breakfast’s instructors cater for all walks of yoga life from beginners like me to advanced pupils. We were guided through easy to moderate poses, with the option to attempt (in my case) the more difficult. Our instructor moved through the group fixing posture issues and giving us advice on how to improve our core. It was much appreciated!

3. There was no pressure to keep up with the poses. At the beginning of the class we were asked whether there were any beginners in the group and our instructor gave us the option to sit out (or child’s pose out) of anything too complex. This made me feel very at ease because I knew I wasn’t as flexible as some of the ladies in the class and wasn’t sure if I’d survive the hardcore techniques! 

4. Meditation is involved. The class began with a good 15 minutes of clearing the mind. This is never the case with me in everyday life. My mind normally goes at a million miles per hour so it was good to just let go, breathe in the fresh air and empty my mind. We were taught a few breathing techniques perfect for those who suffer from anxiety related issues too, which I’ll be saving for if I ever need them in the future. Plus how I often do you sit and stare up at the blue sky and just let go? I wish I did this more often. 

5. You’re fed afterwards! No need to go hunting for a post yoga brunch spot! What makes Bendy Breakfast different from other yoga classes is the added bonus of a beautiful healthy breakfast afterwards! The idea is to om then nom. Bendy Breakfast teams up with local cafes to provide post exercise eats. It’s a great way to meet new people who share a similar interest and try out a great spot for a bite. As previously mentioned Aliment Cafe was the location of choice and I’d been dying to try the food for months. I’d had their coffee in the past but no noms for me. We were served a set menu of sweet and savoury options, bottomless tea and delicious berry smoothies. Everything was fresh, healthy and nothing too heavy post work out. Think poached eggs, fresh fruit, chia pudding, baked vegetables and granola. Mmmm. 

So if this sounds like your kind of gig or you want to try something brand spanking new in 2016 give it a go, I promise you’ll love it. I drove home feeling energised, mentally clear and most of all happy. Plus I was proud of myself for challenging myself to get out of bed super early on a Saturday morning and I can’t wait to go again in the new year. I’ve also been motivated to find a local yoga class in my suburb to check out. Watch this space. I’ll be yogi status in no time! 

For more info on Bendy Breakfast’s schedule head over to their Facebook and Instagram pages – tickets are still available for their final class of the year this Saturday at Aliment – click here to purchase.

What is your favourite kind of exercise? 

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  1. twenty says

    Hmm, my favourite kind of exercise is DANCING.!!!!!!!!! Aliments breakfast sounds delicious.

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