Perth Brunch Club: Pixel Coffee Brewers, Leederville

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but easier said than done, especially when it comes to food. Pretty food is always going to be lusted over and eaten first – that is probably why #foodporn is such a massive hashtag on Instagram. So where did I visit over the weekend for the superficial reason that the food snaps I had seen were absolutely beautiful? Pixel Coffee Brewers in Leederville. The hole in the wall has been around for a little while now, but is still super busy in peak times and my friends L and V and I were lucky to squish onto the end of a communal dining table on this particular Saturday morning. 

The interiors are simply stunning at Pixel. The space is light, bright and airy with plenty of floral inspiration and modern nick nacks gracing the wooden tables. The communal dining vibe is very present, but if you’re feeling a more private breakfast they do have smaller tables for two. There are even a few quirky chairs out on the street for watching the world go by. We were seated by a super friendly waitress who brought us cold water and the menu to pursue, plus the daily specials. 


The menu is packed with healthy options and a few decadent larger meals, plus the display is filled with more pretty food – cakes and tarts covered in flowers to suit those with more of a sweet tooth. We decided on a few coffees whilst going over the menu, and Pixel doesn’t just offer your usual brew, they have a selection of Ethiopian coffees including a Nitro Cold Brew ($6) that looked amazing! I went with my usual Soy Long Macchiato, served in a lovely aqua cup, perfect for Snapchat and Instagram. The coffee was strong and slightly sweet, going down very easily. L’s Cappuccino was served in a matching mug and according to the coffee snob in her it tasted as good as it looked. 

Now onto the food. After much deliberation I couldn’t pass up the Pixel Plate ($18), a generous serving of poached eggs, prosciutto, pea salad, parmesan and mint a top a home made potato cake. The eggs were poached well with a liberal amount of goo oozing out once broken open. The potato cake was thick and decadent, featuring chunks of soft potato bound together with goodness. You don’t usually see prosciutto on a breakfast menu, but the strong Italian favourite balanced beautifully with the subtle egg and potato combination. Topped off with a sprinkling of minty pea salad and parmesan this dish was a solid win. If I could go back right now and order it again I would! Yum. My friend V had a lot of food envy when my dish was placed on the table, and that is saying something!

V actually opted for a display special, a vegetarian quiche of sorts served with salad, whilst L ordered off the menu, a colourful Nourish Bowl ($17) filled to the brim with greens, proteins, nuts and seeds and extra poached egg and bacon. Decorated with flowers the dish looked amazing, especially the avocado which was covered in seeds and looked so fancy! She was very impressed with her dish. I think I’ll order this next time. The Nourish Bowls can be customised to suit your mood with the option to add poached chicken, salmon, tofu and mushrooms or the bacon option she chose.


The prices are good, the staff are sweet and the decor is dreamy. But the main thing is the food and coffee are perfection and I can see why they are so busy! Pretty food does better. I’ll have to eat my words. 

Do you use social media to find new places to eat?

E x 


  1. Karen Suzanne | Style Loving 2 says

    I think social media has opened up a whole world of possibilities with food, fashion, travel and people. I love it – it has very much broaden my horizons

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