My Top 20 Blog Posts of 2015

Come Friday morning it’ll be 2016. I just can’t believe how fast the year has flown by! It’s been a busy and beautiful one, that is for sure. Of course we have had our ups and downs, but coming into the new year I just want to reflect and appreciate everything I do have in my life. And what a better time than the second last day of the year to share my top blog posts this year. A good mixture really of food, lifestyle, fashion and personal thoughts. It’s actually kind of surprising to see what you guys like the most here, and I’ll definitely take it into consideration when writing in 2016. 

Thank you so much for all your support this year. Normal blog scheduling will resume in the next week or so. I’m writing furiously at the moment with lots of fun things to share with you all. Bring on the next 12 months. Who knows what it’ll bring. Here are the top 20 posts you liked the most this year.

20. 48 hours in Saigon

My mini guide to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. So much colour, so many bodies, so much good food and friendly smiles. My trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was probably my favourite part of my year and I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it too!

19. How to wear shorts in Winter {featuring James & Co}

Who doesn’t want to be able to wear their shorts all year round? I needed a way to wear my favourites and it looks like you guys were keen to find out too! This post also featured the perfect vegan leather jacket. No animals were harmed in the making of this post!

18. Rainbow of Thoughts

Marriage equality chit chat. Very important. Enough said. 

17. Models Go Wild #karrinyupswimresort15

Models skipping through the streets of Karrinyup in the latest Summer style looks? It was one of the most amazing fashion related events I’ve ever attended and I can understand why you guys were so interested in this post. If you’re looking for some swimsuit inspiration check out this post now, it’s filled with all the best and brightest bathers you could find. 

16. BEAUTY REVIEW: Lush Cosmetics for sensitive skin 

I know I’m not the only one with sensitive skin here, and Lush Cosmetics helped my skin this year, so I hope they helped yours too. The range is delicious and organic, perfect for all skin types, so if you’re hunting for a new product to suit your fussy skin go no further than Lush. I reviewed a whole bunch of gorgeous products so hopefully you’ll find one that suits you!

15. BEAUTY REVIEW: Muk Hair Care for a winter revamp

Caring for your hair in winter (and all year round) is so important so no wonder you guys liked this post. Muk truly knows hair and the seasonal damage that will occur if you’re not diligent. I’m a huge Muk fan, especially that Argon Oil. If you’re looking for hair stylist approved products read this post!

14. Her Style | My Style: How to dress like Alexa Chung

We all need a bit of celeb fashion inspiration every now and then and I’m not surprised you guys are huge Alexa Chung fans like me! Some times I look back on this post when I’m in a bit of a fashion rut and take my own advice. 

13. EVENT: TPFF WA Designer Runway #2

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was a ball and the amount of local talent we have here is out of this world. I’m so glad you guys liked this post, I’m all about sharing local love, especially with up and coming Perth fashion designers. This post is full of fashion inspo from up and coming stars so check it out if you haven’t. 

12. Perth Brunch Club: Three new(ish) spots to check out this weekend

Three food reviews in one post? Looks like you guys like this format for my food reviews! It is so easy to compile mini lists and choice is always a plus! Note: do not click this link if you’re hungry. It is full of tasty options for every kind of foodie. 

11. Perth Brunch Club: Cantina 663, Mount Lawley

Cantina has super duper reviews on Zomato and I’m not surprised this review had you all salivating this year. The menu is seasonal, the produce is fresh and the space is cute and cosy. If you’re in Perth and haven’t visited the Mt. Lawley hang out yet get on it in the new year.

10. Perth Brunch Club: La Boussole, Manning

Authentic French food made with love in the suburbs of Perth? Yes please! Colourful and fresh, this menu is a treat. Again, if you’re a Perth food fan and like a bit of ooh la la in your belly, add this place to your brunch list.

9. DISCOVER PERTH FOOD: The Flour Factory

You guys sure like food, don’t you? That is probably why we are such good friends. The Flour Factory relaunched earlier in the year and has become one of Perth’s go to locations for amazing hand made food, a sherry bar and exclusively made Vermouth. Yum. I need to revisit after writing this. 

8. Bloggers, body image and being you ; a fashion intervention.

I’m so happy this post resonated with you guys. If you haven’t read it, it’s a collaboration between myself, three other Perth fashion bloggers and a local Perth designer discussing all things feeling good about yourself, wearing what you want and embracing your true style. I loved writing and collaborating for this post so I’d love for you to have a read if you haven’t. Who makes the rules when it comes to fashion…? You do!

7. The other side of “Fashion Blogging”

My own thoughts regarding the “scandal” of Instagram “celeb” Essena O’Neill quitting social media. And the lowdown behind those beautifully curated photo shoots and Instagram feeds. Plus loads of silly blog out take pictures. Hahaha. Glad you guys had a giggle reading this one.

6. Flatlay 101 : how to lay like a fashion blogger 

The art of flatlay is actually pretty complex but luckily I have some tips for you guys on how to achieve the perfect flatlay from (I’d say) Perth’s flatlay queen! This is one blog related goal I would like to achieve this year, I still can’t flatlay very well myself!

5. Haters Gonna Hate

A post on how to control the internet trolls and general “Debbie Downers” in your life. I had a nasty online experience this year that made me realise who I need to surround myself with. Have a read if you’ve ever encountered internet bullies.

4. Perth Brunch Club: George Street Cafe and Patisserie, Kensington  

More breakfast goodness for you Perth readers. Feels like you guys want a small suburban eatery away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Leave it with me, I’ll find you some more this coming year. 

3. Interview with a Stylist: Style By Coco 

Who doesn’t want the tricks of the trade? I interviewed local fashion stylist Courtney of Style By Coco this year and you guys loved her tips. If only I had my own live in stylist. She’s full of great advice so have a read if you’re in a fashion funk. 

2. Perth Brunch Club: The Sarapan, Victoria Park

It’s only open two days a week. It shares a home with a few other foodie ventures. It’s a concept cafe filled with love and delicious eats. Intrigued? So was I. And so were you guys clearly, as my brunch review of this Victoria Park eatery was my number two read post of the year. And this position is very well deserved as The Sarapan’s menu is bursting with flavours. So good! A must visit if you live in Perth.

1. Like It Local Perth: ERIC&EDWIN 

I’m so happy this post was the most read this year, as my beautiful friend Matt is the face behind the new local Perth fashion label ERIC&EDWIN and I can see 2016 being his year. His designs are pure amazingness. Perth does best! 

Have a safe NYE friends, and whatever you’re doing I hope it is a blast. For the first time in forever I’ll actually be heading out on the town, haha. I hope my body can handle it! 

What are your NYE plans? What do you want to see more of on my blog in 2016?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Just loved the blogpost on the faux leather jacket. Favourite. Actually, all the posts were excellent, lots of variety and colour, lovely pics too. Good luck next year.

    • I loved the mix of popular posts! So nice to see all the content is appreciated. Thanks for being my top commenter this year T 🙂 x

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