Editing Your Wardrobe (for those too scared to edit your wardrobe) 

I have a lot of clothes. And I mean probably enough to wear a different article of clothing every day of the year (and some). But when E recently informed me the pole in my side of the wardrobe where all my dresses were hanging was starting to droop (WOOPS) I knew I had a problem. First up I asked her if she could install a stronger pole (I know right) but then I started flicking through my dresses and realised I hadn’t worn some of them for months, or years! Ouch. Time for a wardrobe edit!

I’ve read a lot of great posts by local and international bloggers about the best way to get rid of your excess clothing but these kinds of things scare me. What if I NEED that dress I threw away in an edit frenzy? Or what if I wake up one morning and REALLY want to wear those printed pants I got rid of… See, scary! So I trolled the internet and came across a simple (and long winded) way to edit your wardrobe for those of you like me who are scared of accidentally getting rid of something you need! It’s simple, it’ll show you exactly what you do and don’t wear and come June you’ll know exactly what you do and don’t need in your wardrobe! 

1. Organise your clothing into “sections” – for example work dress, day dresses, evening dresses, blouse, shirts, jackets, casual shirts, work shirts, work tops etc.

2. Turn all your coat hangers around the same way. 

3. As you wear something, turn the coat hanger the opposite way and move those clothes into one section of your wardrobe so you can see what has been worn.

4. Watch your wardrobe become what it should be! More of a “capsule” of sorts.

5. Continue the process until mid year (end of June) and anything that hasn’t been worn, decide what you want to do with it! Sell anything that is or looks brand new, donate items to op shops, ask your friends if they’re looking for a few new pieces… Cleanse!

Sure, there will be more room come June, but don’t use that as an excuse to buy more clothes. Do not fill the empty hangers for the sake of it! Take a look at what you do wear a lot and play off that. If you live in jeans and you now know you get a lot of wear out of a pair, treat yourself. Or if you find yourself with eight different striped tee’s, perhaps grab a tee in a more neutral tone, because at least it’ll go with everything! Get me?

On writing this post I’ve already turned around a few coat hangers in my dress section, worn quite a few tee shirts and work tops and even one or two fancy frocks. Yay, things to keep! I’ve also decided to play along with Styling You’s #everydaystyle prompt on Instagram because it is one way to see what exactly I am wearing every day. It’s justifying the challenge of editing my wardrobe. It’s so much fun and I love checking out what the other ladies who play along are rocking in their daily life. 

I think I already know what will be disappearing from my wardrobe come June, but at least I have time to prepare myself for the blow! If you’re too scared to throw away your clothing but really need to, this is one way to get motivated. Plus you’ll discover items in your wardrobe you may have forgotten were there! Fun and practical. If you’re looking for more tips on wardrobe organisation I highly reccommend this post from Nikki at Styling You. Happy wardrobe cleanse!

Do you edit your wardrobe? Are you frightened of throwing out clothing?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Great idea !! And yes, you sure have lots of frocks !!

  2. I just commented on The Fashionable Mum’s blog that I had a big clean out over the break and whipped 4 big bags down to Savers before I could change my mind. I keep meaning to do the coathanger thing so I will stop procrastinating and do it right now. But what about things in drawers?

    • Drawers wise I’ve made separate piles! Worn and unworn ! Getting rid of things before you change your mind is such a good idea. I think I would be sad though, ha!

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