Perth Brunch Club: Little Willys, Northbridge

One thing I noticed about eating out over the holiday period was the lack of cafe’s and restaurant’s that were actually open! I totally get hospitality staff need a break too but they would have made a killing over the Christmas and New Year period, the places that were open were super busy! So busy that my friend L and I had to “shop around” in Northbridge recently as the cafe we were planning to visit was so packed we probably would have waited 30 minutes for a table. Thank goodness Little Willys on William Street was open and we managed to score the only free table in the teeny little cafe. I love it when that happens! The space is small, but there are a few tables outside on the street if you’re a sunshine fan. The decor is cute, with random art and posters decorating the walls, and the menu is a large chalkboard covering one entire wall.


Little Willys has been on my six foot long brunch wish list for the longest time. I’d previously popped in for a coffee on the go, but after seeing the beautiful food being consumed by those dining in I knew I had to visit ASAP for my own breakfast. L hadn’t been either and the extensive menu was a winner with options for all kinds of foodies. From Raspberry Porridge with Rhubarb and Banana ($12) to the Breakfast Burrito with The Lot ($16.50) to a simple Blueberry Bagel with Cream Cheese ($6) the prices are very reasonable and you can order as much or as little as you like. Watching orders whiz out of the open kitchen at the back of the tiny cafe, I was quite sure I had chosen the Bacon and Egg Bagel ($12.50) until I saw a plate of fresh, green goodness roll past and I knew I had to have it. The Salmon and Avocado on Rye with Greens ($13.50) was the perfect start to my day. The toast was thick cut, enough so it didn’t go soggy with the mountain of fresh fish and vegetables on it. The salmon was melt in your mouth and perfect between bread and greens and the avocado was well seasoned and chunky, just the way I like it. The dish was simply and beautifully presented. At first glance the serving size was quite small, but there is the option to add a poached egg for a few extra dollars. I’m glad I didn’t order the egg, as although the dish wasn’t the huge affair I’m used to, it was super filling and left enough room for a sweet treat after breakfast. L ordered the Poached Eggs on Toast ($11.50) and added a few sides, bacon and avocado to her dish. The serving was huge (slight food envy on my end, haha). Everything looked fresh and tasty, and she enjoyed all elements. The eggs were well poached and oozed yolk all over her plate. Yum! Customisable menu’s are a plus too, it’s so frustrating when you visit a cafe that doesn’t allow you to change up your breakfast. Double ticks for Little Willys. 

I’ve found a new Summer coffee favourite, the Iced Long Black. Strong coffee, frosty cold over ice. It is delicious, does the job of waking me up and is less filling than a regular iced coffee. I really enjoyed my Iced Long Black ($5) at Little Willy’s. It wasn’t too bitter and unlike other places I’ve ordered my go to Summer coffee, they’ve got the coffee to water ratio down. Do yourself a favour and give this option a try! L’s regular Soy Cappuccino ($4.50) also went down a treat, and was served in a gorgeous blue cup and saucer. She was kind enough to let me take my obligatory blog snaps too, haha. Thanks girl!


If you’re ever wandering around Perth’s cultural hub Northbridge, do pop into Little Willys. The staff are full of smiles, the coffee is strong and the menu is extremely versatile and very well priced, perfect for those on a budget. I’m so glad I revisited, I know I’ll visit again soon.

What is your Summer caffeine order? Did you eat out over the Christmas period or were you more traditional?

E x  


  1. twenty says

    Great post. Traditional gathering for my lot this xmas but it was just lovely.

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