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Don’t be afraid to cross the line…

TANK: Ally Fashion {exact match} | JEANS: Jeans West | BAG: Kmart {available in store} | SANDALS: Kmart {available in store} | SUNGLASSES: Ally Fashion | BELT: Cotton On | LIPSTICK: ChiChi Creamy Matte in Viva La Diva {exact match}

Can we talk about fringe. Not Fringe World, or the fringe on my head. I mean fashion wise. Fringe on stuff. Like vests, bags and boots. And how trendy it is at current with the whole boho vibe the fashion pack is going cray for right now. The fringe trend is bold, out there and very eye catching, and not really for the faint hearted. It’s one of those trends you’re either going to love or hate. I’ve been teetering on it for a while now. I like fringed items, but I’ve realised I prefer fringe in accessories, not clothing and it’s the only way you’ll see me rock it this season. It’s always fun to keep up with the trends, but if you know they’re not going to suit you stay away! I didn’t think I would personally see fringing in my wardrobe this season, but when my girl iCurvy throws down the gauntlet, I’ve got to roll with it. This month her Spin The Pin challenge is all about prints, a well put together outfit and fringing. I haven’t taken part in a Spin The Pin challenge for a few months now, so if you’re unsure what I’m taking about I’ll explain. 

Spin The Pin is a monthly fashion challenge set by fellow fashion blogger Jo at iCurvy. She chooses a fashion forward image from Pinterest, creates her own look from the said pin and then we play along too! It’s a great way to push your styling skills and learn a few tricks from others along the way. Here’s this months pin.

Now I really like what blogger Jamie Chung from What The Chung is wearing, and her skirt is pretty sassy and very statement but I couldn’t see myself wearing something like it. So I had to stick to my fashion morals with this one and take inspiration from the entire look, but keep it me. To pay homage to the fringe trend I actually went out and got myself this swishy, fun tan bag from Kmart. At only $15 it was the perfect bag to add to my every day bag collection, plus it fitted Jo’s challenge completely. I’ve been eyeing off a fringe look bag for a while now since I saw a few bloggers rocking them on Instagram, and this one is perfect for keeping up with the fashion times in a subtle way. The bag is roomy, it has an inside pocket for all your beauty extras and it makes a statement on it’s own. Plus it still feels me. Accessories are the perfect way to be “trendy” if you want to keep up with it all, but don’t want to spend a bunch or lose your own style.


I’ll admit I worked around the bag when putting this outfit together on the weekend. I love the bohemian vibe and wanted it to follow through with the rest of my outfit, but still keep it casual. The gorgeous lass in the pin is rocking a bold printed blouse and I wanted to do the same, and this brand new tank worked well with the bag. I love the random clashing prints and I can see myself wearing this top for work and play. It cost me less than a $20 note at Ally, but it gives double the statement. Print clashing is an acquired fashion taste but this top does it all for you without having to pair two or most articles of clothing together. 

I paired my tank and fringed bag with a simple pair of blue jeans (keeping the outfit relaxed), a pair of new season Kmart sandals and an oversized pair of sunglasses also from Ally. I also added another splash of colour on lips. I’ve been lusting after Chi Chi’s Matte Liquid Lipstick since before Christmas, and guess what I received as a part of my Valentine’s Day gift? This shade is Viva La Diva and it’s definately bold! The lipstick slicks on very easily, and dries matte, but unlike other lip stains it is very moisturing and creamy. I just love it. 

This look is my interpretation of the pin, similar in a sense but very different, but that is the beauty of this challenge, finding inspiration to spice up your wardrobe. If you’re looking for more pin inspo check out my other spins double denim, feminine meets masculine, print clashing, colour and all black now.

If you want to play along you can, spin the pin, hashtag #SpinThePin on Instagram and if you’re a blogger link up via Jo’s blog.


Are you a fringe fan? Do you follow trends? Do you find fashion inspo online?

E x

Photo Love: My E


  1. twenty says

    Had a bag like that yearsssssssssssssss ago…funny how it comes full circle. I just love your top. LOVE IT.

  2. I like the look of certain amounts of fringe on other people but it’s not for me. You are working this K-Mizzle bag beautifully and it ties in perfectly with belt and shoes!

  3. I recently read a Vanessa’s post about her fringe sleeve dress and top and I really want one now. Love your fringe bag, but I don’t think the fringe would last long with my girls.

    • Just read it Bec! Love the subtlety of her fringing – not too OTT! Hahah can just imagine the kids going wild with the bag! Thanks for stopping by. Xx

  4. Love the boho printed top and fringe bag – they work nicely together šŸ™‚

    I’ve been a bit on the fence with fringe bags – haven’t taken the plunge and bought my own yet although I do stare at some online now and then, haha!

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