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P E R S O N A L: Gotta do what you’ve gotta do!

This weekend I was a bad blogger, but let’s set the scene first. I work full time, in a very stressy environment. And it’s shift work, with weird start and finish times. I’m in a relationship, which is very important (obviously) and besides the blog stuff I have friends and things I want to do in my time off. So this weekend I was a bad blogger and instead of attending an event I was meant to go to I didn’t, and spent my Sunday shopping with E for house things, drinking champagne with a friend and catching up with the Kardashian’s. Woops. But you know what, it was exactly what I wanted to do and what I needed for me! Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do! Sometimes a “mental health” day is exactly what you need to get your head back on track and fresh for the new week ahead. Of course I kept up with the event via social media (thanks fellow bloggers) and I was a little sad I didn’t go, but there is only so far you can stretch yourself until you crash and burn. And that can’t happen! 

It’s okay to do things for you instead of attending every single little thing you’ve said yes to. Who knows how you’ll feel on the day of. I need to be like E, she generally decides on the day what she wants to do. I’m the opposite, I say yes and then sometimes it’ll come to the said time and I just want to do sweet eff all haha! We’re only human though. If I went to everything I was invited to or planned I’d need a twin! Sometimes it’s great to just unwind and do something for you. Don’t feel guilty, it’s life. Here are some of my favourites things to help de-stress and re-centre when life is getting on top of me.

1. Binge watch dodgy TV shows

If you didn’t know it already I’m a huge fan of crappy reality TV. Right now I’m obsessed with the latest season of Ex On The Beach on MTV. There is nothing good (at all) about the show but it’s so good it’s bad. It’s one of those shows you can just sit back, empty your mind and watch. No brain power required! This is a perfect way to de-stress and chill.

2. Read a book

I’m a huge book worm and reading is the perfect life escape as you’re basically transported to another world as soon as you open that book! My latest reads have included Drew Barrymore’s “Wildflower” and Emma Donaghue’s “Room” and I highly recommend both. I’m currently reading Mindy Kaling’s newest memoir which has been hard to put down!

3. Sit outside and just chill

Since we moved into our new home back in September and we actually have a real backyard I’ve spent many a morning doing pretty much nothing – except sipping a cup of steaming hot black coffee. Fresh air and real light are so good for you, and make me feel like a million dollars. I actually find myself writing my best blog posts out the back!

4. Retail therapy

A friend once said to me I looked like the kind of person who has a lot of “stuff”. She was right! I have a “slight” shopping addiction and love adding new purchases to my wardrobe and home. Last thing I purchased? Gorgeous marble look candle holders at good old Kmart. And they’re too cute. They make me happy when I see them in our bedroom. And if shopping makes you happy just do it! 

5. Sleep

Last weekend I took a nap on Sunday afternoon. I know right. I’m not a nanna, but man, the nanna nap is just amazing isn’t it? I have a bit of trouble sleeping at night so I guess I was feeling tired and had the chance to sleep, so I just went for it! I actually woke up feeling fresh and happy! It was brilliant.

At the end of the day you’ve got to think about your health and mind health. If you need a mid afternoon sleep then do so. If you can’t keep up with all your commitments then cut back. If you need a day just for you, no one is going to judge! You’ve got to look after yourself. 

Do you stretch yourself too thin? Do you need “me time” often?

E x 


  1. YES! I’ve cut back completely in the last 18 months and embraced the word NO. Getting better at knowing my limits and sticking to them.

  2. twenty says

    Yes, there’s only 24 hours in a day…..we can only fit so much in !!

  3. Drew Barrymore has a book?! I’m so there!
    As a teacher, I always have to remind myself to “self care” otherwise I’m no good to anyone else.

  4. I am often over doing myself… and although its important not to let people down you also have to respect your own needs. I am run down right now and trying to stay afloat. Some sort of virus, dare I say glandular fever. I liked this post, thanks! 🙂 Pretty flowers too! xx

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