Perth Brunch Club: Nash & Co, Maylands

Maylands used to be “home” for E and I. A few years back we lived down by the river in a super cute townhouse and we frequented the Eighth Avenue and Whatley Crescent brunch spots on the regular. These days we don’t get down to the burb very often, but I’m extremely glad we made the trip recently because guess what – we discovered a brand new brunch spot worth the car time! 

Nash & Co is a quirky, art filled coffee and brunch cafe across the road from the Maylands train station and not too far from Chapels on Whatley (my review here) and Sherbet. Mrs S is just around the corner and Milk’d is a two minute walk up the street – a prime brunch location really! As soon as you step into Nash though you know you’re onto a good thing. The walls are covered in quirky graffiti style murals and bold yet mismatched ornaments and frames are scattered about the place. Everything is random and different, but works beautifully together. The cafe layout is room after room (sort of like The Tenth State in Nedlands) so there is plenty of different nooks to dine in. Each room is as quirky cool as the shop front and there is plenty to look at. The menu is displayed above the counter, with specials alongside and the menu itself is as creative as the interiors. Cabinets alongside the counter display the most delicious of sweet treats and Nash & Co’s signature – the Cronut. The croissant X donut hybrid has been popular for a while, but again, Nash is doing it differently – the savoury cronut is basically served alongside most dishes on the large menu as opposed to your usual slice of toast. Cool hey! Don’t worry if you’re not a cronut fan, the friendly staff offered us the option of toast if we weren’t feeling the flakey treat.


Whilst E was choosing a super cute table towards the back of the cafe I lined up to place our order. It’s all counter service but the staff are super efficient and the line moved quickly. Of course we were keen to try the cronuts, but what did we want with them? E went for her new favourite, the Smashed Avocado ($14.50) but I wanted to try something a little fancier and I couldn’t pass up the Beef Brisket Hollandaise ($17.50). Coffee was also ordered, plus a couple of fresh juices. It was a very short wait for coffee and juice, and not much later our food arrived. Um… Yum!

First up, late talk about Nash’s drinks menu. The coffee blend is smooth and not too strong – perfect for those mornings when you’ve woken up awake! Served in gorgeous red cup and saucer duo’s, the coffee was totally Instagram worthy, as well as delicious! The juices were also amazing, very fresh and zesty! E went for the Detox Juice ($7), a combination of carrot, apple, pear and ginger while I tried the Strawberry Field ($7), a trio of strawberries, tomato and apple. No complaints on E’s end but let me just say, my juice was such a babe! A strange combination when you think about it, but it actually worked beautifully together! A perfect balance of sweet and savoury. 


Now to the food. As soon as our dishes landed on the table there was definitely an intake of breath. Oh my! What beautifully presented food. E’s Smashed Avo looked insane. A generous serving of well seasoned avocado sat atop a crisp, fresh cronut. Perfectly poached eggs and spicy tomato relish brought the dish together. The dish was topped with fresh spinach and seasoning. What a beast of a dish! E was extremely impressed, commenting on how flavoursome the avocado was, and how beautifully the eggs were cooked. She also noted how light and fluffy the cronut was, and how it was a great change from your usual piece of sourdough. I agreed 100% on how a cronut is a perfect alternative to toast. When my Brisket Benedict arrived all I could think was #foodporn. The crisp cronut was piled high with slow cooked beef, well poached eggs, wilted baby spinach and a rich, golden hollandaise. The beef was perfectly seasoned and melt in your mouth. The flavour was rich and smokey and worked so well with the other elements. I love all kinds of slow cooked meat and this brisket was really lovely. The hollandaise sauce was thick, slightly sweet and Nash wasn’t stingy with the sauce like some places can be. The dish was balanced and beautiful and I can’t wait to come back and dine in again. We left very happy and very full. Wandering out I may have checked out the sweets cabinet, next time I’ll save room for dessert! Salted caramel cronut anyone?


If you’re looking for somewhere a little different for your next foodie adventure I highly recommend Nash & Co. I know I would choose a cronut over a piece of toast any day! 

Are you a cronut fan?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Sounds like a great place. Never heard of cronuts before !!. They look yummy.

  2. Oh dear lord, let me AT IT! Mmmm, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (and I’m happy to eat it whenever). Adding this cute place to my list of ‘must visits’.

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