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I love creative folk. There is just something about them that makes me smile. Is it their passion? Probably. Is it their eye for the finest of details? Totally. Is it their drive to get themselves out there to share what they love. Absolutely. But first and foremost, they inspire me to grow and see the world in more colour than ever before. Perth may be small, but it’s filled with creative sparks lighting up the scene, and the city. And why not share that light with you guys? This new series is the 2016 version of Like It Local, a past regular blog segment showcasing local babes taking on the Perth creative scene. During that series I shared up and coming designers, models, artists, craft queens and more and I know you guys love keeping it local so I brought the concept back to the blog. I hope you too feel inspired and driven by the stories of these amazing ladies. I know I have been. E x 

“Here at MOMA Perth, we hunt high and low for those who are being brave, taking risks and doing something truly unique and different from the rest…

MOMA PERTH is new in the creative scene but this venture by Perth #girlboss Tiffany sets to showcase WA’s most unique artists, creators and entrepreneurs via online platforms including Instagram and the web. You won’t find the “norm” on MOMA, this platform is all about thinking outside the box and celebrate the quirky, risk taking left of fielders. When she’s not working her usual nine to fiver in the media Tiffany is dead set on promoting the unique Perth arts scene, and creating a space to showcase other Perth sparks who might not fit into the usual crayon box – go girl! This is her story. Meet Tiffany.

First up, tell us a little bit about you!

Hi! I’m Tiffany, founder of MOMA Perth! I’ve been a restaurant/ high tea critic, news reporter, English teacher and now I’m a news producer. I have lived in London and Tokyo, and travelled extensively (and plan to do much more!).

Spill – what is MOMA Perth all about?

The name is obviously a cheeky play-on-words with the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But my version stands for Markets of Modern Artisans. Initially I had this grand plan of running markets around Perth, but I’m taking things slowly – concentrating on building the MOMA Perth brand, spreading the word and most importantly – discovering all the talented creatives in Perth and the rest of WA.

There are so many people out there doing really interesting things – taking risks, thinking outside the box and stepping way from the trends. Many of them are still experimenting with artistic styles and finding what they enjoy the most. A lot of them aren’t making any money from their creativity, so they’re juggling a full time job while creating on the side. And some are still at school, uni or TAFE, so many of them don’t have any confidence in what they’re doing – but they should, because it’s brilliant, exciting and refreshing! These guys are exactly who MOMA Perth is all about – the “underdogs” of the creative world. Stand up and take a bow.

Where did the idea for this platform come about?

I go to a lot of markets – both as a buyer and seller. I realised I was seeing the same stuff everywhere. And it was lovely…but very repetitive. That’s when I thought, “I know there are refreshing and unique people out there. Where are they?”.

And that’s how MOMA Perth was born – with Vodka in hand and Seinfeld on TV.

Is this something you’ve been interested in for a long time or did you just fall into it?

I’ve always liked the creative world – although if I feel something is pretentious, I’m outta there! I hate that.

My Mum used to be an art gallery guide, so from an early age I was always spending time in galleries. Plus she had the very first retail shop in King Street back in the 80s – Orphans. It’s still highly regarded as a game changer for the Perth retail scene. It was very famous. Orphans was the first store in Australia to stock Vivienne Westwood, and it was thanks to a petition in the shop, that The Clash extended their Australian tour and came to Perth – their one and only time here. Orphans was the weekend hang out for punks, mods, goths, rock-a-billys and skinheads. EVERYONE shopped there – if they were cool. Orphans changed Perth. So I’ve been raised to appreciate those who break rules, stand out from the crowd and take risks.

What do you love about Perth’s creative scene?

It’s always been there but it’s really taken off these past few years. With the help of social media and all the great markets that take place across the city, there are affordable ways to promote what you do and connect with similar creators. And I love how we’re seeing so many more public art and sculptures around Perth, and now Bunbury also has some really exciting things happening, thanks to Rediscover Bunbury.

Who are your favourite Perth artists or creatives? 

Don’t make me choose! There are too many people doing an awesome job.

For furniture I love Shannon from Industriale’s raw style but also Jack Flanagan’s sophisticated pieces are stunning. The talent of artists like Hans from HandBrake Art and Liam from Wundae Skateboards blow me away.

I find the illustrations by Sally Campbell from @Sal_Daily subtly beautiful. And Natasha Muhl’s illustrations are really interesting.

Then there’s the nail art by @GirlNextDoorNails – wow. And have you checked out Beth from @TheTinyLittleGirl? She’s amazing – her style is incredible!

I love it when people can upcycle and create a beautiful product from what may otherwise have been landfill – the girls at @BrandNeuCo do that really well with their industrial lighting. And finally (otherwise this list will go on forever) Luisa Hansal – I’m so interested to follow her career and creative endeavors. Her art is confronting, risqué and fascinating. I love it.

Do you work alongside any other Perth creatives regularly?

Yes! There are some people out who see people doing something similar to them and they don’t like the competition – they feel threatened. But oh my god, it’s so important that we all support each other work together. Supporting one person, doesn’t diminish what you do!

Annika from @SweetCocoShop designed the MOMA Perth logo and is one of my oldest friends. I’m so proud of her successes. Hans from @HandBrakeArt is also an old friend – he’s just returned from Japan on a skate and surf art trip – amazing! Hayley from @s.o.s_designs created the new webpage, and wow she worked so hard – she’s brilliant. Sarah Choy illustrated the profile picture I use for MOMA Perth (I don’t usually put my face to MOMA…I’m shy!) And my family own Elroy Clothing, a small boutique in Mount Lawley and Leederville.

I’m holidaying in Perth for a weekend – what should I see, eat and do?

Just like any city, it depends on what time of the year it is!

For shopping, go to Whatley Crescent in Maylands, Oxford Street in Leederville and Angove Street in North Perth – check out the boutiques there.

For a special dinner, I love The Cabin in Mount Hawthorn. If you like Japanese Ramen, Arigatya Ramen on Roe Street in Northbridge is THE BEST. And I love sitting outside the Northbridge Brewing Company watching the world go by with a wine in hand.

My new favorite place to have a drink is the Blue Flamingo in Leederville. If you’re in Fremantle, Whisper Wine Bar is divine. And Dominion League on Beaufort Street in the city is really cool. Sneaky Tony’s in Northbridge is like stepping back in time to colonial America – plus you need the code word from their Facebook page to get in!

When you’re not working on MOMA what can we find you doing?

This is where people are taken aback and wonder if I ever have time to sleep… My full time job is working in the Channel Nine Newsroom as a News Producer. I work about 10 hours a day, five days a week. So it’s fair to say…I never stop! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A few years ago, I was a reporter for Channel Nine. I had some extraordinary experiences, including a trip to the tsunami affected Tohoku region of Japan. This paved the way for my eventual move to Tokyo a few months later.

In November, I was holidaying in Paris when the terror attacks took place, just a few blocks from where we were staying. At one stage my cousin and I had to run down the street to safety – taking shelter in a doorway with fears of a gunman on the loose. As the only Australian media on the ground, I was thrown in front of the camera for the first time in years, and crossed live for TV and radio throughout the night – a 36 hour day by the end of it.

I love hearing inspirational stories, and my own creative, Cartography Collective sells jewellery and wall art inspired by the people, places and moments in history that have shaped our world. It’s all about wearing (or displaying) images that are significant and have an important story – it’s not just a pretty picture. But I keep Cartography Collective and MOMA Perth very separate.

My vice? I Google Beyonce daily.

Any words of advice for those wanting to get into the art scene

Block out all the noise around you – what’s cool, what’s not, what’s selling and for how much – don’t listen to it or it will sway your style and confidence.

Stay true to yourself. Oh, and don’t be scared. Remember when Stormie Mills wrote profanities on across a wall after one of his artworks was painted over? Brilliant. Speak your mind and don’t apologize.

Who is your favourite unique artist? What inspires you?

E x 

* All images regrammed from the MOMA Instagram page with permission. For specific image credits please click here


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