P E R S O N A L: All of the feels 

Every morning on my way to work I without a doubt tune into Matt & Alex‘s breakfast show on Triple J. Besides the dose of cool new indie tunes and news updates, Matt and Alex love a good chat. Whatever the topic I find myself in stitches, like I’m in a conversation with mates. Naww. On Wednesday morning the boys were discussing “them feels” with fellow JJJ presenter and comedian Gen Fricker. She had recently had a bit of a “breakdown” whilst watching a Disney flick and found herself in tears over the impending “death” of a cartoon dog. The moment was captured by her “friend” and uploaded to Instagram, much to her dismay. You can watch the clip here. Poor love. Whilst she was laughing about her tears on the radio, in the clip you can actually see how truly devastated she was by the film. The floor was then passed onto to JJJ listeners, who proceeded to call in and explain “them feels” that had overwhelmed them out of the blue recently. One dude had recently watched Babe with his wife and cried after a dog in the film went missing over night. Another listener said they’d recently cried after they found themselves lost in IKEA. The caller was busting for the loo, couldn’t find a toilet (or exit) and wasted precious time walking in circles through the giant Swedish maze becoming more and more busting. Oh the frustration! I probably would have been the same. But my favourite call had to be from a girl who’d recently woken up one morning thinking about how happy the ducks at her workplace looked the previous day and it brought her to tears! I know right. Hilarious, slightly embarrassing but so beautiful. I don’t know what it is about animals that bring up the emotions, but it’s real! 

Honest Emma time. This situation may have happened to me recently. No ducks though, another creature. Scrolling through my Facebook feed last week a story popped up by local Perth animal shelter Cat Haven. The post explained the story of a kitten who had been so badly abused by a past owner (a breeder mind you) and had been kept in an indoor cage its entire life. This had resulted in the cat being unable to open its eyes due to sensitivity issues, and the poor thing was blind. Cat Haven was raising money via a Go Fund Me project to pay for the kitties surgery, plus assist other kittens and cats with similar issues (all the information is here if you want to help out). As soon as I read the story of little “Jimothy” I burst into tears. Devastated, the world was ending tears. And I’m not a delicate, one lone tear rolling down the cheek kind of girl. I’m an ugly, loud crier, who’s face goes red as soon as the first pang of emotion hits. Poor E was a little taken aback by my random emotional outburst but as soon as I explained it she just got it. The story certainly pulled at the heart strings and the tears flooded, exactly like Gen’s did over the 101 Dalmatians. Hahahaha. We certainly are crazy cat ladies. One donation later and I felt like I’d helped out, and somehow helped myself too. I was pleased to read Jimothy has since been adopted and his surgery is scheduled for this week. More feels. 

And you know what – I really enjoy a good cry. It doesn’t happen too often but when it does I almost feel as if a weight has been released and all the stress melts away. I feel lighter, brighter and calm. Even crying over a sick kitten made me feel so much better afterwards. Perhaps I was simply emotional and didn’t even realise it (or the crazy cat lady in me came out) and read the article at the right time, but you’ve got to release “them feels” on the regular my friends. Happiness, sadness, joy, anger, excitement. All of them! It’ll keep you balanced and in control of your situation. And you know what, I bet that random freak out on the floor of IKEA (plus finally finding a bathroom) would have lightened that JJJ’s listeners load. Literally and emotionally.

So next time you get emo over a soppy love story or the death of a cartoon character just roll with it. Life is about riding the waves and everything that comes with it. Sometimes a duck looking happy or an animal tale is going to bring out your feels – that’s the beauty of being human.

When was the last time you had a random emotional moment? Are you a fan of crying?

E x 


  1. I hate crying and I don’t do a full cry very often but I do tear up at stupid random things like the national anthem and people singing their guts out on TV talent shows.

  2. twenty says

    I feel revived after a yawn that coincides with an almighty full body stretch. Somehow makes me feel all new again.!! Love this blog post and wish I was at IKEA right now !! (always good to go to the loo before you get there)

  3. I’ve always been one of those ‘snesitive’ people who cries at sad movies, but after pregnancy and motherhood, I cry at everything! I can’t keep up with the causes I used to support before as well as I used to as the stories are just too sad. I mean they usually have happy endings, but nothing makes me cry more than a sad animal story!

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