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PERTH ART: David Spencer “The reason for flowers” 

WHO | David Spencer | WHAT | The Reason for Flowers exhibition launch party | WHEN | April 7 | WHERE | Gallows Gallery, Mosman Park

Many invitations to art exhibition openings land in my inbox, and whilst I love art I need to be drawn in from first view. As soon as I scrolled through the attached images for Perth abstract artist David Spencer‘s latest exhibition “The reason for flowers” I knew his stuff was right up my alley. His 11th exhibition to date, David is well known in the WA art scene for his use of colour and mixed media to create thought provoking imagery. I’m surprised I hadn’t discovered him sooner! This latest exhibition was inspired by David’s extensive travel around Australia.

Stepping into the open space at Gallow’s Gallery in Mosman Park I was awoken after a long day at work by the sheer power of colour. David’s abstract prints feature bursts of neon against more muted tones creating beautiful, eye catching pieces. Inspired by the highs and lows of every day life, David really captures all the feels of the 9 to 5 in a bright and beautiful way. 

With titles such as “All these thoughts I own”, “Take a minute” and “Take your chance now” you know you’ve stumbled across something personal, and special. My personal favourite was a series of six pieces, featuring reference to WA natural landmarks including Serpentine Falls and Kings Park. I felt as if I’d been instantly transported to said locations. You know art is good when it does that!


I couldn’t help feeling inspired listening to David’s friend introduce the exhibition. He painted him as a loving and positive man, putting his growing little family and wife first in life, and taking inspiration from all facets of life! With the good comes the bad, and David has captured all of those moments in colour. Now which one could I see on the walls of my home?

The exhibition is running at Gallow’s Gallery in Mosman Park until April 24 so if you’re a colour fiend like me and love a bit of abstract art then make a trip down. You’ll be very surprised! 

Are you a fan of abstract art?

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