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Perth Picks | Wholistically Healthy 

As much as I love getting into the kitchen, sometimes I just can’t be bothered cooking after a long day at work. Especially when I work a lot of different shifts and sometimes don’t get home till after 8pm. The easiest option would be take away, but we all know how bad it is for you. That is why I was so excited to try Perth’s newest vegan food delivery service Wholistically Healthy, a quick and easy meal delivery service made fresh weekly in Perth and extremely good for you! Based on Ayurvedic principles, the universal and intertwined concept:
 you must have a healthy body to have a healthy mind, and a healthy mind to have a healthy body, the aim at Wholistically Healthy is to help you nourish your body, so you can feed your soul.

The process is simple. Jump online and place your order for the week by Thursday and come Monday your fridge will be filled with fresh, vegan and vegetarian, allergy free options to simply heat up and enjoy at your leisure. Small business owner Renee and her team make everything from scratch using seasonal produce and her own secret recipes. With options including curries, Italian and even desserts there is a meal for every kind of foodie. And even though all the meals are vegan or vegetarian, they are certainly not lacking. The dishes are packed with flavour and look just as beautiful as they taste! Who knew vegan food was that good? I was lucky enough to sample three dishes so E and I decided to divide the two Italian dishes up on a chilly Wednesday evening, pour a glass of red and share. Now E’s a picky eater, but can I just say she wolfed down both dishes, and even asked for some of mine I was yet to eat. And this girl tends to put tomato sauce on everything. The sauce stayed in the cupboard for this meal, so I can guarantee even the fussiest foodies will be impressed.


First up, the Vegan Lasagne. This dish is apparently Renee’s best seller and I totally get why! Layers of Mediterranean vegetables, vegan cashew cream cheese (OMG it’s so good) and rich, zesty tomato sauce create the dish, and it totally reminds me of something you’d find in Nonna’s kitchen. It was divine. We then tried the Eggplant Involtini, a combination of soft eggplant, Renee’s home made risotto, herbed tomato sauce and cashew cream cheese. This one was our favourite. The combination of the rich risotto and sauce with the light cashew cream was a flavour explosion and we pretty much forgot meat existed eating this dish. Finally I sampled the Thai Turmeric and Tofu Curry for lunch the next day and oh my gosh, so lovely! The dish was light and packed with thai spices. I may have gone a little heavy adding on the Sambal but wow. The perfect lunch time treat. The dishes last up to three months in the freezer too, so you can order a bunch and pull them out whenever you’re lacking the lunch or dinner motivation. All meals a can be frozen for up to three months too, so grab a bunch and pop them aside for those lazy Winter days when you’re lacking motivation.

Although cooking can be a lot of fun, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to someone else’s home cooking and save yourself a little bit of time for other activities at the end of the day. Because I didn’t spend an hour or more of my precious time in the kitchen thanks to Wholistically Healthy, E and I had extra time to spend with each other which was so lovely. Routine is important in life, but it’s nice to mix it up and take time for the more important things in life like your people, knowing you’re still getting a healthy meal and nourishing your body. If you need a little time out from the realities of every day life, Wholistically Healthy can help. Pop over to their website and get ordering. You’ll thank me for the tip!


Do you enjoy cooking? Are you a fan of vegan food?

E x

* Wholistically Healthy meals provided for my review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Looks great and I think you may have just solved my problem for what to serve a vegan guest at my daughter’s 18th. Not that I’m going to be here for it. The next blogging trip has me fly out at 2am on her birthday to Sydney.

    • Her guest will love it! So yummy! OMG can’t believe you’re missing her 18th – you must be so upset, I know my Mum would be!

  2. I’m probably more upset that I’m old enough to have an 18 year old. Apart from the time I was in hospital trying not to die for my youngest’s 2nd birthday. I’ve only missed one other birthday (my girls are 17, 16 & 15) and that was my middle daughter’s 10th. I was flown to Sydney for the Oprah show.

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