14+ Days | Life Update

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. Apologies on this end – the last few weeks have been crazy town since we got back from our trip to Singapore in March. Since then the renovations have continued on the house and I’ve started a new job part time! Plus the other 85433 things I get up to weekly!

Let me tell you about my new position at work first. It’s similar to the clerical position I started in at the hospital, but a higher level with more responsibility, and I’m loving the challenges that come with starting a new role. Granted there have been a few hiccups, a few issues with “switching brains” between roles and the odd weekend shift (haha) but this new position couldn’t have come at a better time. A couple of months back I was starting to get really bored in my job. I’ve been there for four years so it’s pretty normal to feel blah about things after that amount of time! It’s the longest time I’ve worked at a place actually to be honest. Anyway, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do about work and then the advertisement for my new job came up. Fate much! I like my work environment too much to leave and really just needed a challenge so I was so relieved and grateful when the new opportunity came up. And I’m loving it. It’s a funny feeling when you actually have to concentrate on the tasks you’re completing! Never stop learning friends. But enough about work, here’s what else I’ve been up to lately!

1. We visited Singapore last month (here are some of our travel snaps) and it was so fast paced yet relaxing at the same time. More on the trip coming soon to the blog. 2. Told you we were “renovating” our new home. This is our new bathroom vanity (should have seen the old one eek) that E and our friend S “built” themselves. I’m so into interiors right now, and I’m loving the wood look. 3. Easter came and went, and this year I couldn’t make it home to see the parental unit, so my brother and I visited our grandparents instead! It was so lovely to kick back with the family. Always make time for your peeps guys. 4. Event time! I was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch of Matisse Beach Club‘s new ordering system thanks to The Studio. More details on the simplicity and fun factor and why you need to go yourself and order is coming soon to the blog. This photo with Demelza of and Mon at Little Miss Mon Bon was taken by the super talented Ryan Ammon. Check him out here.

5. Ladies lunches at West End Deli. After the foodie scandal involving a dodgy review of the place my friends C, C and I couldn’t help but stop by to re-taste the menu for ourselves. Another gorgeous Perth brunch spot. 6. Another day, another blog event, this time it was abstract artist David Spencer’s latest. More on the exhibition here. 7. E and I finally made our way down to Elizabeth Quay. Such a stunning spot to watch the sunset. 8. Perth’s only video game museum and interactive play hub Nostalgia Box invited E, her nephew R and I for a morning of gaming and reminiscing. Clearly I wasn’t the winner on our gamers date, but we had a ball. More on our morning coming soon to the blog. 

9. Birthday girl! I celebrated my 28th last week with cocktails and Asian tapa’s at Chin Grish in Vic Park. It was so nice! 10. Beautiful birthday gifts via The Little Posy Co. 11. My good friend F was in town for a few weeks so obviously we had to catch up for wine and updates. Aren’t my friends gorgeous? 12. Another birthday dinner, this time with my siblings! What an epic meal we devoured at Bather’s Beach House and such a stunning location. We’ll be back for sure!

This month I’ve learnt:

1. You don’t have to opt for take out if you’re feeling lazy – there are healthy options in Perth just waiting for your hungry belly! More here.

2. Never be scared to wear certain items of clothing – remember you wear the clothes. More here.

3. It’s okay to get emotional over the little things – we love them feels. More here.

4. MOMA Perth is the place to go for the obscure and left of field in the Aussie arts and creative scene. More here

And lately I’ve been…

READING: Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Pure hilariousness!

EATING: Brunch at Nash and Co, Maylands. More here.

WATCHING: The new seasons of Geordie Shore, Girls and Catfish.

LISTENING TO: New Tegan & Sara, Aurora and Radical Face. 

LOVING: Birthday celebrating, yoga at Yoga Alchemy and learning.

What’s the best thing you’ve done lately? What are you reading right now?

E x


  1. Great post and congrats on the new job.

    After commencing the year determined to put my health issues, the study and the business launch first, I’m finding it frustrating that I’m busier and more distracted than ever in what feels like the wrong direction. My health and study are both suffering as a result.

    Hoping to get back on track after the trip to Sydney next week and have a loose plan of attack that I think should work.

  2. Happy belated birthday! 🙂 Sounds like you’re really busy but having lots of fun too!

    It’s great your new job is going so well.

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