Winter work wear essentials you need this season!

Winter is coming! Well, it is in Perth anyway! The mornings have been colder, the sun is taking a lot longer to rise and I’ve found myself dressing a lot warmer than I have been recently. Boo! There are a few things I like about Winter, including rain on the roof at night, puddles and whipping out the thicker doona, but that’s pretty much it! I struggle to find motivation in the colder months, especially when it comes to putting together work outfits. Summer is so much simpler – pop on a dress and away you go. But in the cooler months you have to really put together your looks and consider the possible downpours and icy winds you may encounter! I’ve put together this post sharing my Autumn and Winter work wear essentials for those of you like me who struggle with their “semi-corporate” wardrobe as soon as the temperature plummets. These snaps are actually outfits I’ve worn over the month of April to work as a part of my #everydaystyle fashion “challenge” with blogger Nikki at Styling You. If you want to see more of my real everyday looks pop over to my Instagram for my daily fashion posts. If you’re wondering why I’m photographing my outfits every single day you can read more here. But here are the five items you need (or I need) to survive work dressing in the chill seasons.

A good quality pair of black work pants

Black pants can be boring as bat shiz, but they really are essential for Winter work dressing. They go with anything and everything, they’re comfortable and they instantly look professional. When choosing the style of my work pants I went for a “skinny leg” as they felt more me than a wide leg or flaired pair, because remember you should always look like a version of you, even in the work place! I think I tried on at least eight pairs of pants from various stores until I decided on this pair from Target. Unlike other pairs I tried on, this pair actually felt thick and expensive, even though they were only about $40! Material choice is important as you’ll probably wash and wear your work pants quite frequently and you don’t want them wearing thin too quickly. I also went for a pair that were a little higher than most, as I do a lot of moving around and bending down in my job, and I didn’t want anything exposed that shouldn’t be in the office! As I mentioned earlier black pants can be worn with most items in your wardrobe which makes the choices endless for your work looks. If you have a “blank canvas” to work with on the bottom it’s more fun to dress your other half! Shop them here. 


Simple, easy and not too heavy, cardigans are perfect for the cooler months in the office. Some may say a cardigan is a little “granny-ish” but again, it’s how you wear it! What I love about cardigans is they can be thrown over pretty much anything, even dresses that you aren’t ready to pack away until Spring! I have a bit of a colourful cardi collection like this Cotton On favourite and they really do brighten up my outfits. Plus you can wear them with all your Summer tops! I don’t care if the grannies are rocking them, the youth are into grey hair right now! They’re perfect for those in between days when it’s too warm for a jacket but you need something to keep you comfortable at your desk. Shop similar here. 


Blazers – tick. Cape – tick. Coat – tick. They’re all on high rotation for work depending on how cold it is when I wake up in the morning. Perth probably isn’t cold enough for full on coats, but they’re great for travel to and from the office when your car feels like an igloo. The blazers and capes are perfect for the office though as they’re so smart and can make an outfit! Black is always a good choice, but if you like a bit of colour just go for it. A bright blazer looks great with a monochrome based outfit and really shows your personality. I hate looking too “professional” but I know I will look smart but still myself in a coloured blazer like the coral one pictured above. I like rolling up my sleeves too as it is more relaxed and less stiff. Plus they’re warm – enough said! Shop the BooHoo cape above here.

A good quality black work skirt

Like I mentioned earlier, a good quality pair of black work pants are essential in a Winter work wardrobe, and this is also the case with a good quality black work skirt. I own plenty of brightly coloured and printed skirts, but my go to in the work skirt department is my black high waisted skirt. This may sound slightly boring, but it’s how you style it friends! I love mixing up a plain black skirt with bright blazers, vibrant blouses and cute sweaters, and like a pair of black pants, they go with everything! My favourite black work skirt pictured here is again from Target! I don’t know what it is about their work essentials range but they make them very well! Being a curvy lady, I do indeed have a bit of a large behind and a small waist, so finding skirts that flatter these two areas is hard. My waist is a whole size smaller than my butt! What I love about this skirt though is it is made up of panels of fabric, not just one strip, so it moulds to my curves and (most of the time) fits around my waist! I love tucking in tops for a more lady like look, and of course it can be worn with tights or stockings if it’s too chilly! Shop similar here.


My work blouse collection is a bit of a mish mash of long sleeved, short sleeved, plain, printed, cheap, expensive and even vintage! Blouses are beautiful for work as they look instantly professional due to their classy fit. My favourite blouses are pretty out there and bright but work perfectly with a plain bottom. Blouses can be worn with a jacket or cardigan or on their own, as they really do speak for themselves. I tend to wear mine layered up with a sweater or cardigan on those days when I don’t feel like making too much effort but still want to look like I put some time into my outfit choice. You can find blouses everywhere but this one pictured is from Target – cheap store, but the item still looks dressy enough for the office with added class in the bow tie! Shop similar here.

So next time you’re out shopping for Winter work essentials keep these items in mind. They tick all the boxes – stylish, comfortable, professional, chic and fun. Because that’s a great way to portray yourself, especially in the work place.

What are your Winter work wear essentials?

E x 


  1. Totally agree with all of these essentials! I have that same red Cotton On cardi . . . and the black one, and the grey one, and the neon pink one! My best work pants are from Review . . . which I found at Savers unworn for $12 YASSSSS

  2. My work wardrobe is pretty much the same as my weekend wardrobe. My office essentials (from a former life) for autumn winter were pretty much the same. I prefer a full skirt to a pencil shape. Cropped jackets and cardigans are pretty much interchangeable in my book. I tended towards dresses more than pants. Also a coordinated clashing collection of coloured tights and ballet flats was definitely an essential part of my office wardrobe.

    • Haha I think I’d be in trouble if I wore coloured tights ! It’s “professional” clothes or a dodgy work polo shirt here!

  3. I’ve been looking for a cape like this one for so long! Off to check it out and add to cart!! Xx

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