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The Bra Checklist {featuring Playtex Australia}

I may mix it up on the daily clothing wise, but when it comes to what is underneath my clothes I have rules. Nothing too extreme friends, just a few guidelines I follow when it comes to choosing new underwear, as I know I will thank myself later when I’m looking and feeling good about myself. It’s no shock that I sport an E cup, so when shopping for underwear I always take these three things into consideration.

SUPPORT | According to a quick bit of Googling, a pair of D cup breasts weigh approximately 6.8 to 10.5kgs. And mine are a cup size larger than that. Yeah. Think about it like this, that equates to ten plus kilograms of sugar or dry rice strapped to my chest. That’s heavy. So clearly finding a supportive bra is important. 

COMFORT | Nobody likes the feeling of being constricted, and when looking for a bra I like to find one as comfortable as possible. Silky fabric, thicker straps that don’t cut into my back, and a fuller cup so my chest feels secure, yet “enveloped”. 

CUTE FACTOR | Growing up as a busty teenager in a small town meant lack of “pretty bra’s” available to me. As soon as I moved to the city I went a little crazy stocking up on more feminine underwear to suit my personality. Sport bras may be supportive and comfortable, but for a young lady they are not going to be a first choice! The more lace, floral prints and bows the better! 

So when the lovely folk at Playtex asked me to try and review their new Comfort Revolution Smoothtec Bra, I was in! And not just because one of my three golden rules of bra shopping was included in the title of the product. I’m always on the hunt for a new bra to fit my kit, and as soon as I read the details on their new design I knew it would be a match made in heaven. Playtex is a global intimate apparel brand for every kind of girl. And by that I mean they cater for all shapes and sizes. From petite to curvy and the in between, Playtex understands that every woman is different, but we all gravitate towards the same thing when buying intimates. We want to look and feel confident in our undergarments, because what is underneath helps shape what you wear on the outer layer. Now lets put Playtex through my three golden rules of the bra.

COMFORT | The new Comfort Revolution Smoothtec Bra is the latest in seam free, wire free and constriction free underwear, focusing on comfort, not cup, with the bra available in a range of flexible sizes from S – 2XL and fitting a variety of traditional bra sizes with one easy-to-use size chart. As previously mentioned I wear a 12E, and that converted to a medium in Playtex’s sizing for the new range. Never have I been considered medium in the tata’s department! Love it. The seamless lines and silky fabric make this bra so comfortable. The straps are thicker than your usual every day bra, but sit flatter against the skin creating a more seamless line under your clothing. The wide “distraction free” band sits well on my back, and the cup inserts are soft too!

SUPPORT | I was a little scared to hear the Playtex Smoothtec doesn’t have an underwire, but that is the entire point of the bra! And it’s still extremely supportive due to the band at the bottom and thick straps. Who knew! The technology behind the bra has been in the works for years and they’ve really done a great job. Even my lovely lady lumps were separated and supported, and they literally weigh as much as a small dog, haha!

CUTE FACTOR | Oh my, what a beautiful bra! The design I was sent is the Ciel Blue/Ivory Canvas, and features stunning delicate lace across the top of the bra. The icy blue is very on trend and works beautifully with the ivory lace to create a gorgeous, feminine design. The bra also comes in a range of prints and hues including pale pink and soft leopard. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if my underwear is pretty, I feel prettier! 

Comfort – check. Support – check. Style – check. Playtex’s new range fits my checklist to a tee. Whether you’re big or small or in between, the range will make you feel amazing and fully supported. Playtex is available at Myer, David Jones and Harris Scarf or online via the website if you’re looking for a supportive, yet comfortable bra to introduce into your every day routine. Plus they’re pretty – don’t forget that! 

Do you have rules when it comes to underwear? What does your favourite bra look like?

E x 

*Playtex bra gifted for my review as per my disclosure policy. All opinions are my own. 


  1. As an DD/E cup myself, I feel you (not literally) on ALL of this! I was also sent the Smoothtec but unfortunately had too much side volume so they have sent me a cupped version that works a lot better and will be posting about it soon!

  2. Still to try mine on, but they look so comfortable on you and cover everything I want/need from a bra as a busty lass! xx Great post Em

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