Beauty Empties #1

Confession. I’m becoming more addicted to skin care and beauty products than ever before. Whenever I enter a chemist, supermarket, department store or beauty related shop I feel the need to buy something to add to my growing collection. This week alone I’ve purchased two kinds of face masks, a new night cream, rose hip oil, organic cleanser and toner, tinted lip balm, mascara, cleansing wipes, tinted moisturiser and make up pads! But I’m not just buying them to have them, I’m trying them all out, using up the ones I had and sampling products for potential purchases in the future. It’s becoming a new hobby. Here’s what I’ve used up this month.

Batiste Dry Shampoo ($12.95)

I know hairdressers stress the fact that dry shampoo actually dries your hair out and can damage your mane, but sometimes it’s necessary, especially if you have a lot of long hair like I do and it’s a mission to wash and dry said mane every second night. Batiste’s dry shampoo for medium to dark hair is perfect for you raven haired beauties out there as it comes out in a darker powder, so you don’t look like you’ve instantly gone grey over night. I wash my hair every three days, but on that third morning my fringe area starts to look a tad greasy so I love a quick fix in the form of dry shampoo. Sorry hairdressers! Like most dry shampoo’s, all you do is spray it into the greasy areas, let it sink in for a few minutes and brush out the excess. Simple! 

Would I use it again? Most definitely. I like the fact it is aimed at my root colour and I’m not worried it’ll “lighten” the area I’m spraying it into. The product also smells quite nice too and that’s a plus.  

Garnier Micellar Water Wipes ($6.99)

Oh Micellar Water, our love affair has continued for years and it’s not stopping now. Remember that time I wrote a love letter to the regular Garnier Micellar Water? Well I think the wipe version deserves its own ode of love! The concept is simple – facial cleansing wipes soaked in Garnier’s brilliant concoction. It’s the easiest way to clean away the daily grot known to the beauty m kind. The wipes are gentle on the skin, low irritant and smell refreshing. All you do is wipe your face, focusing on the areas you’ve enhanced that day, and voila, your face is spotless. I’ve only ever needed the one per sitting. And they’re as cheap as chips – I paid $4 for this pack at Kmart.

Would I use it again? I have already restocked. Twice. Enough said. 

Benefit Gimme Brow ($39)

As I mentioned in the past (here), Benefit’s Gimme Brow is the perfect product for enhancing, filling and shaping your brows in one quick swipe. An eyebrow tint and filler in a bottle, a simple go over your brows creates a beautiful shape and colour. The fibers of the product actually attach onto your brow hairs, creating natural volume and tone. Purchased on recommendation by the girls at the Benefit Brow bar post wax and tint, I burnt my way through this product. I love the simplicity and the look it brings to your face.

Would I use it again? Yes, but I want to trial a few other alternatives first.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer (currently unavailable/similar here)

Woah! This is one product I actually forgot I had. I found it unopened, brand new and never been used when cleaning out my make up box a few months back and it looks to me like it was a free gift with something I’d purchased from Rimmel at some stage. Doing a quick Google I found out the product no longer exists in Australia (woah) and has been replaced by another version of the primer, but I was still keen to give it a go. And after using it I am a little sad it no longer exists. Almost like a tinted moisturiser, the product adjusts to your skin tone, creating an even base for applying make up. It rubs in easily, isn’t too thick and isn’t noticeable under make up. Unlike other primers I’ve used it wasn’t sticky or too “alcohol” based. And no greasy feeling either.

Would I use it again? Really really fond of this one. I think I’ll give its replacement a go, the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer.

Nivea Aqua Sensation Invigorating Day Cream ($14.79)

Light and airy, this supermarket buy is one of the best daily moisturisers I’ve come across! The product is very thin in consistency, absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling fresh and dry, with none of that greasiness you find with some moisturisers. I love the smell, I love how my sensitive skin has not once had a reaction and I love how moisturised it actually feels post use. The pricing is decent too.

Would I use it again? In a heartbeat! My skin loves it. 

Estée Lauder Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme for Normal/Combination Skin SPF15 ($48)

I receive so many samples being a blogger, and I do enjoy testing them all out, probably hoping to find a new favourite product. When trialling this day creme over a couple of days last week I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Estée Lauder’s every day wear moisturiser. The product is of a thin consistency (just the way I like it), smells beautifully refreshing like cucumber and left my skin feeling very hydrated and soft. My skin had no reaction or irritation to the product too! Only bad thing about this sample – it was too small! I wanted more.

Would I use it again? Maybe. I really like it but the price tag is a smidgen off putting. Maybe if I got a pay rise? For now I’ll stick to my Nivea.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator ($60)

Another sample, this time from Clinque. I’ve actually had skin reactions to this labels products in the past so I was a little paranoid to try this hydrating product on my sensitive skin. E uses the Clinque kit daily and loves the products, but unfortunately they’re just not for me. As soon as I applied the moisturiser my skin started heating up and I could feel a slight rash forming. The delicate area under my eyes became very irritated too. Ouch. The product has quite an alcohol based smell so that could be something to do with my skin reacting. Shame, E’s skin looks great using the three step system daily.

Would I use it again? No. See above.

Lush Shangri La Face Moisturiser ($54.95/45g) / Olive Branch Shower Gel ($7.95) / Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser ($17.50/100g)

Whenever I pop into Lush to pick up my favourite products I always grab some samples. They have so many products I want and need to try so it’s the best way to give them a go before you purchase a bunch. On my latest visit I nabbed a few, including the Shangri La Moisturiser, Olive Branch Shower Gel and Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser. The moisturiser is aimed at those with skin 29+ but being 28 I’m pretty much there, and want to give my skin that added attention. This moisturiser is thick, and I mean very thick. It doesn’t absorb like those I’m used to and left my skin feeling a little “wetter” than usual. Whilst my skin did feel a little greasy when I did use it the aftermath was worth it as it is extremely hydrating and perfect for those dry skin days due to the colder weather. It also smells lovely! Onto the Olive Branch Body Wash – now I know it’s technically not a “beauty” product but it made my bod smell and scrub up beautifully post use. Olive oil based, the wash kept my skin hydrated and I left the shower feeling supple and smooth. The zesty smell is a big plus too. Finally the scrub – I’ve reviewed it in the past and nothing has changed from that review. I bloody love this product (more here). Made from maize flour and polenta, it smells like caramel popcorn, and guess what – it also contains your favourite movie snack! Applying the cleanser to my face I was surprised by the consistency – it is grainy and gritty, more like an exfoliant than a cleanser, but man does it work. As well as buffing your skin you also get a good lather, and the popcorn pieces help cleanse even deeper. I probably could have eaten the product it smelt that good, and my skin felt soft and fresh post treatment. Once again, my sensitive skin was all good, no irritation or redness. I’ve found a new beauty treat! 

Would I use it again? Shangri La Moisturiser – Maybe. It’s a little thick for my liking but I do like the hydration factor. Olive Branch Body Wash – Yes! What a gorgeous product for turning my shower into a day spa! Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser – It’s on my shopping list as soon as my current cleanser runs out.

Formula 10.0.6 Blackhead Banishing Pore Strips ($5.99)

An icky job, but necessary all the same, cleansing my pores is actually one of my favourite beauty duties. The satisfaction of removing black and white heads is fabulous (gross but true) and your skin looks so good post treatment. When I’m not making my own blackhead removal paste at home (recipe here), pore strips are a quick and easy way to remove gunk from your nose and chin. I recently discovered this brand whilst scouting through the skincare range at Big W and I knew I had to try the pore strips. The process is simple – wet your nose or chin, apply the strip, wait until it hardens then rip it off! I don’t know if my nose was clearer than usual after all the cleansing I’ve been doing lately, but not a lot came up when I removed the strip. Hmmm. Compared to other products like this one, I found this strip didn’t harden as much and left a lot of sticky residue on my face. My nose was clean though!

Would I use it again? I might go back to my usual pore strips, these didn’t seem as hardcore as others I’ve used in the past.

Which products are on high rotation at your place? Which of these would you like to try? 

E x 

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  1. twenty says

    Good rundown of all the mixed and varied products.

  2. aussiebeautytalk says

    I LOVE pore cleaning strips too!! So satisfying. What’s your fav?

  3. I see so many faves of mine on your list 🙂 Batiste dry shampoo is my life saver for during the week and adding volume to my hair. I love pore strips too! So yuck but so satisfying! The Formula ones are actually my fave as I’ve dry skin and the Biore ones really dry out my nose x

  4. I need that Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Does it work for those of us who are brow challenged? I have very light very unhairy brows. I need all the help I can get!
    Thanks for linking with the Lovin’ Life Linky

  5. I have to admit I’m really slack re the beauty stuff at the moment. A decade ago I used dermalogica and was very specific about what I bought and moisturising and exfoliating etc… but now money is more of an issue and I just buy nutrimetics moisturiser I use occasionally before bed and I was using a cleanser from the supermarket when I remembered. But sadly that’s it. I’m hugely overdue for an eyebrow wax / pluck etc.. but mine are pretty fine anyway!

    • I was so slack til I started forcing myself to do it and now it’s become a good habit! You don’t need the most expensive products to do so either, Big W has a huge range of really good priced products! Ahahaha you don’t want to see my brows right now!

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