Taking Stock – Winter ’16

Today is my Saturday. I’m working Sunday evening which means technically I have an almost long weekend with Friday off. It’s one thing I love about shift work. Bonus time for fun things! And hanging out with my Nanna this morning for a coffee and some brunch. And taking time to sit back and take stock, one of my favourite things to do every now and then to just check in with where I’m at and what I’m prioritising at the time. I’ve taken stock loads of times over the years, but the initial idea came from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. She’s a taking stock pro. Read her latest post here. And here is what I’ve been up to lately, I’ve been…

Making: time for me! Winter is all about hibernation and it’s just been lovely to chill out and relax!

Drinking: plunger coffee, I’m loving Oxfam’s blends at the moment. 

Reading: Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini – it’s really making me think!

Wanting: a holiday, somewhere warm please! 

Looking: at hotels and BnB’s for an upcoming week off work. Road trip! 

Playing: new tunes by Blink 182 – teenage years relived!

Deciding: what to wear out tonight. It’s freezing but I still want to look cute! 

Wishing: the weekends were longer.

Enjoying: the rain on our roof at night, it’s such a lovely sound. 

Waiting: for E to get home from work.

Liking: this new Instagram I discovered recently. And coffee at Penny’s Cafe in Applecross. 

Wondering: what to do once I finish this post – the dishes are calling. 

Loving: the new season of Wentworth, so good! 

Pondering: dying my hair again. 

Considering: a few new purchases on ASOS. 

Buying: custard donuts from the local deli, haha. 

Watching: The Magicians on Foxtel. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 at the movies – what a fun film!

Hoping: E’s boss gives her time off at the end of the month – who knows what I’ll do if it’s just me! 

Marvelling: at this post I saw on Facebook today, how bizarre! 

Cringing: at all the conversation regarding politics right now. And the door knockers we’ve had lately promoting different candidates. Let me make up my own mind please!

Needing: this dress I saw at Dotti last week. And this scarf

Questioning: what I’ll wear tomorrow night to a bloggers event. Decisions decisions. 

Smelling: rain! And Republic Organic coffee. 

Wearing: soft pants, a mismatched jumper and socks. But you can see my everyday style on Instagram for something nicer. And hair bows from Switch City Bow Co

Following: these five new accounts on Instagram – @collectiveclosets (for stunning printed fashion made in Vic), @the_wardrobe_green (for pre loved style), @taylor_kezia (a Brisbane teacher with amazing corporate wear), @kathrynmay_mua (my friends new make up venture) and @bitchezwhobrunchwithbookz (food and book suggestions – yes please!).

Noticing: I haven’t looked at my goal planner this week – something to add to the to do list. 

Knowing: I need to do the dishes before this evening. 

Thinking: I should probably book a dentist appointment this week. 

Admiring: Clementine Ford for having something to say about this

Sorting: out my old jewellery. And my wardrobe because of this commitment I made to myself. 

Getting: chilly sitting outside writing this post. 

Bookmarking: this Vegetable Curry by Jamie Oliver and this recipe for Pulled Pork by Bake Play Smile. 

Coveting: this dress at ASOS. 

Disliking: wet feet in flats. It’s totally boot weather. 

Opening: emails for exciting collaborations.

Giggling: at this vine

Feeling: energised. 

Snacking: on Trail Mix. 

Helping: my friend create an Instagram account for her new business ventures. 

Hearing: someone sneezing next door, and this track by Julien Baker

Mixing: up work rosters, every single week! 

Worrying: about E post having her flu shot – I really hope she doesn’t get sick. 

Slicing: vegetables for a soup I’m putting on this afternoon. This soup to be exact by Pip Lincolne. 

Celebrating: my friend Leah’s birthday tonight over wine. 

Forgetting: to organise my outfit today so freestyling. 

Winning: at life, obviously. 

Pretending: I’ve achieved something by completing this list, ha!

Sneaking: around the house in my socks. 

Embracing: winter in Perth.

Do you take stock regularly? How?

E x


  1. twenty says

    Well I should take stock….you’ve inspired me to do so !!

  2. Love this! I stopped doing my regular wrap-up/”life lately” posts because I felt like I was rambling, but I might take a few notes from this in future šŸ™‚ and thanks for reminding me that I haven’t touched my journal or planner in way too long x

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