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What I Wore: One necklace, ten ways + giveaway {featuring Maria Nicola Jewellery} 

My jewellery box is bursting with accessories. Statement necklaces, earrings in every colour, chunky bangles, delicate bracelets and even a ring shaped like a donut. But sometimes I just feel overwhelmed searching through the various compartments to find that perfect piece to wear on the regular. My style prayers were answered recently when I received the 10 Way Necklace by Maria Nicola Jewellery in the post. A ten way necklace? Yes please!

Maria Nicola, the lady behind the local Australian label has been a jewellery fan since childhood. She’s spent the last twenty years working in the jewellery industry, from hand making her own pieces to jewellery styling for women like you and I. And the 10 Way Necklace is her latest creation. A versatile piece that can be altered depending on your mood and preference, the 10 Way Necklace is the perfect piece for every kind of woman. Feeling bohemian? Wear the necklace long and hippy-esque. Heading to work? Shorten the necklace to sit beautifully on your shirts and blouses. Off on a night out? Let the statement do the talking. 

So how does one necklace become ten different pieces? The concept is simple, yet very clever. The gorgeous crystals are connected with delicate magnets! By sliding the magnets and interchanging the positioning, the strand of beads can be lengthened, shortened and even become a bracelet! Maria Nicola has even created “additions” to the necklace including crystal tassels and a Swarovski pendant to mix it up even more! I chose the Black and Silver necklace, but her range includes everything from champagne and rose gold to bright turquoise.

Now I’ll be honest with you, when wearing the necklace I think I worked out about seven different ways to mix it up – but that has made this accessory even more fun! It’s a mystery! As I was a bit of a failure working out the ten ways to wear it, I decided to show you how versatile it really is by showing you all ten ways to wear it. Work, play and the in between, this necklace can pretty much be worn everywhere. 

For the office, the necklace works beautifully at a mid length and sits perfectly with high necked tops, blouses and a blazer and dress combination. To show you just how it works for work, I paired the necklace with a Tokito peplum, Myer blouse and Ally Fashion blazer and Big W Australia striped dress combo. All three outfits are very different, but as you can see, by altering the 10 Way Necklace you have three different looks depending on your mood! Although the necklace is quite shiny and a total statement, it adds an air of class and elegance to my work wear. 

For an evening out on the town I paired the necklace with a deep v-neck dress from Kmart, a gifted black lace dress and an AVA high neck black dress. The sparkling gems really up the ante for a night out, and all three lengths look great with my going out clothes. 

For casual every day wear I paired the necklace with a Kmart floral dress, Lee Cooper high neck sweater knit and Kmart tee and thrifted denim jacket combination. The choker style adjustment is very on trend (the nineties is so in right now) and I couldn’t believe how different it looked at a shorter length. I also love the longer length for adding a little something to my plain knitted sweater. See how versatile it is! It looks like I’ve got ten different necklaces, when it fact it’s the same one. Amazing! Nowadays this necklace will be my go-to. I only need the one! 

Want to learn more? Maria Nicola herself will be on Channel 10’s Shark Tank this evening throwing her 10 Way Necklace into the shark tank. Will she get a bite? I seriously hope so! Every woman deserves to feel like a million bucks, and I know I feel damn glam in my new piece – let’s hope the judges on Shark Tank know what makes a lady tick!

If you are itching to get your own, Maria Nicola Jewellery has kindly gifted me a second necklace to give away today on the blog. To enter is simple – just tell me where you’d wear your 10 Way Necklace! The competition will be judged by a third party, and the most fabulous response will win! The competition is open to Australian readers of The Illusive Femme.

Where would you wear your 10 Way Necklace?

E x 

*Maria Nicola necklaces gifted as per my disclosure policy – all opinions are my own. 


  1. I am so keen on adding a second one to my collection that I’m throwing down . . . I would love to mix up colours and create 20 new looks with my existing necklace any place you care to name; work, casual catch-ups and black-tie affairs. BECAUSE IT CAN DO THAT.

  2. I’d take this 10 way necklace on holidays so instead of packing 10 different necklaces I could get 10 different looks, suitable for all occasions, from the one necklace!

  3. Great post! I love the show Shark Tank, I will have to remember to watch it tonight.

  4. twenty says

    Great post on a great idea. Such a space saver having one changeable necklace. No need to have the whole jewellery box packed in with your ‘things’ when you are off travelling etc. Great idea. Love your various pics showing off the different ways to use it.

  5. Solange says

    For me is the EASE of the change in looks that appeals first as my dexterity with fiddly things is not what it used to. I would wear this is in my everyday life at work as a Personal Assistant for an executive director, at play during a night out or on y next holiday … To the Maldives during a romantic dinner with my partner on a quiet beach at sunset!

  6. Sarah says

    Keeping it real here haha….I would wear my gorgeous 10 way necklace to school run, to the supermarket and to work….because these are the only places I go!

  7. jody buhagiar says

    The colours are gorgeous and the versatility is fantastic.
    My day consists of meetings, coffee with a friend and maybe
    a lovely restaurant for lunch. Dinner with the girls and on to a bar for drinks.
    One outfit, giving me the wow factor 10 ways…I can go out more!!

  8. Dresses, fragrance are easily bought.
    Without stunning jewellery, they are nought.
    The ’10 Way Necklace’ suiting my dress would never be ‘just normal’…
    At my DAUGHTER’S TWENTY-FIRST! Dress code? Semi-formal!

  9. urbantutu says

    I loved the poem the last reader posted , as you said so clever. To be honest the necklace would be the perfect conversation at any event you attend. I am also lucky that I have an amazing sister and a super mum , who would also borrow the necklace to their events too. So really the answer is anywhere and everywhere 😀

  10. sarah mary says

    Awesome idea, to save both space and money. I’d wear my 10 way necklace to work, where I can show it off to my colleagues and customers. I’m always changing up my style, so I’m seriously loving the concept of this necklace.

  11. Eva Kiraly says

    I’d wear the necklace on stage and after every break I could have a new look! 🙂

  12. Julia Mason says

    I’d wear it out to a show, it would look fab and match the night, so right!!

  13. Hoping I’m not too late to enter. Looks fab.

    If I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous necklace, I would wear it to date night with hubby at Como the Treasury. I’d be tempted to change the look of the necklace throughout the night and see if hubby notices.

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