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Five ways to make your early morning Winter starts that little bit easier!

I know I know. Getting up in the morning is hard. But come Winter it’s 500 times harder. Your bed is warm, it’s bitter outside and motivation is clearly lacking. But just because it’s the coldest time of year doesn’t mean life stops. These days should not be wasted! As hard as it is, I enjoy getting up early (even in Winter), because there are memories to be made and fun to be had. Here’s how and why I do it in five simple steps. 

Start the day with yoga – in your lounge room!

As much as I enjoy heading out on Summer mornings for a spot of yoga in the sunshine (Bendy Breakfast anyone?) it’s that little bit harder to find exercise motivation in the cooler months. That is why I’m so obsessed with Glow Yoga by Perth studio Yoga Alchemy. Glow is an at home program designed and created by Yoga Alchemy instructor Amanda to “take home” for those days when you want to complete your morning class, but can’t fathom leaving the house. I’ve practised yoga at the Perth studio, and it’s a beautiful, calming space, but this girl struggles to leave the house at all in Winter, so bringing Amanda’s routine into my own lounge room is the next best thing! Glow is designed to help you warm up from the inside out and find calm in your day. 

So how does one Glow? It’s simple. Just pop over to the Yoga Alchemy website, “download” the program, and you’ll also receive an ayurvedic lifestyle guide and game plan. It’s only $20 and if you think about how much each class would cost normally, it’s a total bargain! You’ll be glowing in no time.

Tea, glorious tea! Or coffee if that is your thing!

If you follow my Snapchat (my username is illusivefemmeem) you’ll know I start every day with a coffee (or two) before I do anything else. My mornings begin with my horrible alarm going off, followed by a stumble from the bedroom to the Nespresso machine, and by the time I’ve had a glass of water and been to the loo my morning espresso is ready. I love waking up knowing it is coffee time. Some would find this a little cray cray, but I’m saving you all an angry, scary monster in the morning! Don’t worry, I know to only drink coffee in the AM because it will stuff up my sleep pattern if it’s anything more.

Tea wise I’ve also been waking up to T2’s amazing new box tea set Good Vibes as of late. The cute as a button box features mini samples including Detox Tea and Lemon and Ginger, which happen to be my favourite herbal blends. A zesty pick me up in the morning is also appreciated! T2 has an extensive range of blends for every kind of tea drinker and I highly recommend visiting your nearest store and experiencing this magical tea land for yourself!

Burn a beautiful candle!

Our house pretty much smells like a giant marshmallow. I picked up a new candle at the Cathedral Square Market in the CBD this month and I’m obsessed with how good it smells. Lighting said candle is one of the first things I do when I get up because beautiful scents are a total pick me up, especially in the mornings. Besides making me hungry (haha), burning candles in my home makes me happy, and I look forward to catching a whiff of delicious scents as I get ready for work. La Sorella Candles also creates beautiful scents (more on the Perth small business here) and my White Linen candle has also had a massive work out as of late. Fresh! 

Wake up fifteen minutes earlier to take a little bit of time out for you.

Getting up early in Winter is hard as it is, but if you set your alarm that tiny bit earlier you won’t be rushing around like a mad woman to start your day. I wake up between 15 and 30 minutes earlier than I need to early morning so I can sit back, relax and wake up naturally before the routine begins. Sometimes I take a few minutes to sit outside in the bitter air and just breathe, other times I sit and enjoy my morning brew without feeling rushed (see above). Sometimes I even take a few minutes to read a chapter of my current book (Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrossini), which sets the pace for my entire day. Starting the day in a clear headspace will flow throughout the day, and leave you feeling fabulous and clear. If you’re into mediation, Pure Glow Cleanse has a fabulous five minute session here to help you start the day in the best way! 

Listen to a new playlist while you get ready for work. 

I’m music obsessed and I tend to make seasonal playlists for all times of the year. My current Winter Spotify list can be found here and has a little bit of everything from Miike Snow to Ladyhawke to Santigold. New tunes get me pumped in the mornings and I love cranking my tunes whilst showering to get me ready for the day! 

How do you find waking up in Winter? Any tips to get motivated on a chilly morning?

E x 

*Yoga Alchemy Glow provided for my review as per my disclosure policy. All views are my own.


  1. twenty says

    So long as my fire hasn’t gone out and the house is still warm I start the day perfectly well. No accounting for how the day begins if that fire has gone out !!

    Great post. Good tips.

  2. I would like to re-master my morning routine for work days. I get up and get ready, then I get my daughter ready for daycare and I don’t sit down or do anything remotely chilled until I’m on the bus. It’s not very enjoyable but I simply cannot get up earlier than 6.30am – especially not in winter – to make any adjustments!

  3. I’ve been trying to make a yoga class at my gym, Monday 6.00am and it never happens. Being a Monday also makes it hard too! I like the sounds implementing yoga at home

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