#DryJuly – Shopping Ban

Yesterday I went shopping. And I don’t mean popped out to grab a few things I needed, I mean made the effort to drive all the way to Joondalup to suss out H&M’s EOFY sales. But the shopping trip didn’t just stop with my purchases at H&M. I also went into Myer and shopped some Princess Highway, popped past Sportsgirl and grabbed a few new lipsticks and a blouse, visited Wizard Pharmacy for their massive one day sale and picked up three new skin care items from Natalie Imbruglia’s Iluka range and also stopped into Dotti and dropped nearly a hundred dollars. Yes. I’m Emma and I’m addicted to shopping. A few days earlier I hit up our local shops for some active wear, and even couldn’t help myself when we went up to New Norcia during the week and grabbed some all natural hand made soaps, even though we have plenty in the bathroom cupboard. When I was unpacking my purchases yesterday I realised we had run out of coat hangers. And that is when I realised I needed a break from shopping. 

At the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to “turn around my coat hangers” when I wore something in my wardrobe – more on that here. To be honest there were a lot of things I didn’t wear in six months and they’ve now ended up in a bag to donate to charity. A second large bag of cotton dresses and tops now belong to my Mum for her quilting adventures. That’s two garbage bags full of clothes that left my wardrobe in June – so why am I still running out of coat hangers and closet space? Because I’ve replaced everything I’ve thrown out with new things. Two garbage bags worth of brand new and op shopped pieces. Eeek! It’s time for a fashion intervention.

Most people give up drinking for #dryjuly, but I don’t drink much at all these days, so a shopping ban is the perfect activity for me. Inspired by my girl Beth at Almost Posh I’ve decided to not shop this month. No more new beauty products (I have enough), no more clothes and shoes, and no more extra accessories or jewellery. As Beth said, things like stockings and underwear don’t count, as they’re kind of essential (and my tights totally need replacing ASAP, they all have holes), but no new items will appear in my wardrobe this month. Can I do it? I hope so! 

Hopefully I’ll find more items to donate this month too as I know I still have some pieces in my wardrobe that I always find myself brushing past when getting dressed in the morning. Cross your fingers for me friends, this is a scary thought for me. Hopefully this promise on the blog will keep me accountable. I’ll update you midway through!

Are you giving up anything for Dry July?

 E x 


  1. I haven’t been to New Norcia in ages and when I do it is just passing through. Might have to stop in and have a bit of a look around next time I am up that way. Good luck with not buying anything this July.

  2. Lol, yay! It can be hard when you’re deliberately not shopping because everything seems to pop up and tempt you but I know you can do it! Be strong! (PS your pre-ban shopping trip sounds awesome)

  3. Shan@FortyUp says

    I think I might need to join you!!

  4. Good luck with your self imposed shopping ban. I’d have to avoid the shops completely and avoid reading any beauty or fashion blogs for such a ban to be successful for me! Otherwise there are just too many temptations!

    • I struggled reading the fashion posts today, but honestly I feel fine! Seeing extra money in my bank account is always a plus too!

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