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Five travellers to follow on Snapchat now! 

Suffering from the midweek blues? Dreaming of a holiday to a far off location but don’t have the funds or time off work to do so? Don’t worry, there is a simple way to beat the blues from the comfort of your own home. By following amazing travellers on Snapchat of course! I’m Snap obsessed, but as well as following multiple fashion bloggers and people I know in Perth, I also follow a bunch of people always on the move around the world so it almost feels like I too am experiencing the beauty of travel. I get excited to see where people are off too next! If you’re looking for more beautiful, real Snapchat accounts to follow read this post and get adding these accounts, you won’t be sorry.

1. Jarrad Seng | Photographer & Creative Director | Snapchat: jarradseng

As well as being a brilliant photographer, Jarrad Seng is also a huge character and his Snapchat feed totally reflects his personality. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes philosophical but always filled with stunning pictures and videos of where on earth he is in the world, Jarrad is probably my favourite Snap account I follow. Whether he’s off shooting in the middle of nowhere in the snow or following singer Passenger on his tour travels, or flat laying his entire camera bag contents, you know you’ll see something beautiful every time he updates his story! He’s currently in Sweden right now so if you want to have a look – add him! 

2. Emilie of Hello Emilie | Photographer | Snapchat: goodbyeemilie 

Emilie’s Snapchat account is exactly like her Instagram profile – dreamy! The photographer who is well known for her hat collection and ability to take a fabulous shot is a bit of a Snapchat queen in my opinion. Her Snap stories scream wanderlust and have me itching to get on a plane. Think amazing lakes, colourful sunsets and the odd picnic with friends on a mountain top. I know right! She’s currently in New Zealand so if that location is on your travel bucket list, add her now! 

3. Hannah & Adam | Getting Stamped | Full Time Wanderers | Snapchat: gettingstamped 

Ugh, major wanderlust induced by following couple Hannah and Adam over at Getting Stamped. They are always somewhere exotic and when they’re not traveling the world pretty much full time they call Mexico home! What I love about this account is as well as the beauty of travel, Hannah also shows us the not so nice side of it too – bringing me right back down to reality. Can’t be too envious of their travels, can I? If you love exotic locations, this is the snap account for you. They’re currently in the Maldives and it looks so divine!

4. Nikki | Styling You | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger | Snapchat: stylingyou

Whilst Nikki isn’t a full time traveller, right now she’s living it up in Hawaii on a family vacation and has been snapping daily. If you’re freezing your way through the Australian winter, then you must give her a follow. Think beach snaps, sunsets, reviews on where to eat, drink and play in Hawaii plus lots of her usual style and life goodness. When she’s not traveling she is all about a sneak peak into her busy schedule as one of Australia’s top bloggers. It’s not curated either which makes a nice change from bigger fashion bloggers!  

5. Claire Mueller | Visual Creative & Flatlay Queen | Snapchat: capnmueller

If you’re a Perth kid you’ll know this name. Claire is the queen of Flatlay and spends her free time sourcing and creating beautiful art. While her Snapchat isn’t just travel related, it’s a visual dream, as she shares loads of her work and play on her story. She’s currently in New Zealand before she heads off to London for her next adventure and I’m loving the beautiful snow covered stories she’s giving us at present. Think travel from a designers eye. So good! I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

If you want to follow my Snapchat too, I’ll let you know it’s no where near as dreamy or exotic as these five people but you’ll find the odd day trip, lots of food and coffee, the mundane and a bunch of chit chat about random life stuff if you follow me. My username is illusivefemmeem. Here’s the link code if you can’t be bothered typing that in! 

Who are your favourite Snapchatters? Who should I be following?

E x 

Images via Instagram 

– left to right – Jarrad Seng, Hello Emilie, Get Stamped, Styling You, Claire Mueller


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    Wow. One way of seeing the world if you don’t have the time, finances or plain courage to get on a plane or ship !! Great links, thanks.

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