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I’m back! 

Whilst taking a break from the blog I’ve been spending a lot of time doing things for me. Yes, the blog is my thing, but it does become quite stressful and tiring at times, especially when you push yourself to stick to a schedule that can be sometimes impossible, especially when your work schedule changes every week, sometimes at the last minute. I’ll admit I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to have three posts out per week. Add the social media, promotion of posts, photography, editing and the rest it is a lot of time spent for a post online. I was getting a lot of joy out of writing posts but I did beat myself up if I didn’t have something ready and scheduled for my “post days”. I stayed up until the early morning writing on numerous occasions, waking up four to five hours later exhausted, but needing to get up and go to work. Draining much? You’d think the shift work thing would work in my favour as I’d have time at home during the day but when I’m tired from working until all hours I lack motivation and can’t even fathom writing let alone shooting looks or snapping pictures. Ugh.

So a blog break was the best thing I could do for myself. And it’s been super. 

Since I’ve had this new “free time” I’ve found myself feeling extremely calm, relaxed and a lot happier. I’ve read books. Not just one. At least five or six in my time off, including Amy Poehler’s “Why Me?” and “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. I’ve been working on my meditation practises when I feel the need to find a bit of peace in my day. I’ve started journaling again which is so good for the head and heart. I’ve caught up with friends and not needed to take 58328 food snaps before we dined. I’ve taken day trips to new places I’ve never seen before, reconnected with old friends, joined a gym and got my own personal trainer FFS! I’ve stopped worrying about what everyone else is doing because I’ve learnt the only person I need to impress is myself. 

Who is this girl! I don’t know her too well yet but I like her.

But I’m back now. 

My camera is still MIA at present due to a mishap with our cat knocking over my tripod one morning post after taking an #everydaystyle picture, but that’ll be dealt with in the near future, so iPhone snaps it is until further notice! Sorry!

Thanks for sticking with me guys, I’ll have more fun and frivolity to share with you in the near future. It may not be as regular as the past, but I can’t give up my creative release. 

E x


  1. Glad you recognised that not only did you need the break but only you can care for yourself. Why oh why I ask myself do we let ourselves get into this bind!? I have learned a lot about this over the past 18 months and pleased to say it’s generally working for me. Just followed you over at Agent Mystery Case! Denyse

    • It’s hard to admit you’re struggling with too many things sometimes, but once you do realise it’s such a relief! Thanks for your kind words Denyse!

  2. I can sooo relate to this! People don’t understand how much work running a blog is, especially when you work full time.

    I used to get so stressed out when I was posting twice a week. After taking a break last year, I came back to blogging with a far more relaxed attitude and I only post about 5-6 times a month now because I don’t want to spend every evening and all weekend glued to my Macbook.

    It’s all about balance:)

  3. It’s such a time consuming thing, this blogging caper. I’m glad you gave yourself permission to rest and take time out. I probably need to do the same thing. But my inner boss girl is a slave driver 🙂

  4. There’s a few bloggers I follow lately that are on / have had a break of one kind or another – I feel like we should all get some kind of mid-season blogger holiday period that we can all just agree to chill for two weeks and then get back into it.

    (good to see you back though, no pressure)

  5. twenty says

    LOVE THAT PICTURE AT TOP OF POST !!!!!!!!! Glad you are back !

  6. Welcome back! Reading books – amazing.I dream of waking up, having a coffee and loosing myself in a book for hours. So nice.

  7. jenellewitty says

    Yes! So good to take that time out. I have been doing a little of the same. Though, there is more to come (just quietly, I quit my job and finish up there on Friday! SO SO SO happy. I have been there for over 11 years and should have left after the first). Excited to grab some books, get myself to a workout class each day and keep up with meditation. I have a writing project starting soon to, it’s like a call to write every day, and practice that, it is slower, you are more aware of what you commit to paper! Excited to get started. Out with the old!
    xx Jenelle

    • CONGRATS GIRL! You must be so excited. New chapter all right. That’s such wonderful news. You’ll have plenty more time for you and the things that make you happy! And the writing project sounds brill. Can’t wait to follow your adventures xxx

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