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Three self help books to clear your mind and make you think!

There is no better time of year to pick up a book than a chilly Winter evening. Mug of tea in hand and a nanna blanket over my knees, I’ve spent many a Winter night (and afternoon mind you) with my head buried in a book. I love fiction novels, but lately I’ve been devouring “self help” and non fiction titles. I’m not necessarily saying you (or I for that matter) need self help books, but I love gaining a new perspective on certain topics, and I’m forever wanting to learn more. Since taking a break from the blog, I’ve been working on myself, and that is where books have come in handy – I’ve been nurturing my heart, mind and soul and discovering new ways to live on the daily! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It has been. Here are three books that have really made an impact on me lately, I couldn’t not share them.

Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

We’ve all got one. That niggling voice of self doubt in the back of our heads telling us we’re not good enough, we can’t achieve what we want and need from life, and there is no point in trying. And this book has actually helped me to banish negative thoughts and see everything from a point of love. This is the first self help book I’ve ever picked up and consumed at a rapid pace, and it just spoke to me. Melissa understands that we put too much pressure on ourselves, and if we want to live a happy and carefree life we need to work on ourselves first. You are the only one who can change you! With activities that make you think, journaling exercises, motivational “soul shares” and an active online community aspect this book has really helped me to see the best in all situations life throws at you. And I must have learnt something from it, as a few friends have commented on how my perspective has changed as of late. Win!

Calm by Michael Acton Smith

When was the last time you really took the time to “check out”? To chill? To relax? Can’t remember? Yeah, that was me too until I read Calm. Written by the creators of the Calm mediation app, this book is the perfect go to when you need a moment of solitude. Covering all aspects of finding calm in your life, you’ll also find plenty of suggestions for calming techniques including embracing nature, travel tips and even the calm way to enjoy food. Since reading this book I’ve found time in my day to meditate as often as I can and found a new calming hobby in the form of pressing flowers! Yes. Flower pressing. I forgot how much I enjoyed the art. If you’re stressed and need to relax but you don’t know how, this is the book for you.

Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life by Kate James

This short and sweet read is the perfect beginners guide to living a mindful life. Discussing all of the facets of mindfulness, from appreciating beauty to sustainable living to practising gratitude and “uncomplicating” your life, it’s an easy read covering the grounds of being forever present in your days. If you’re intrigued by mindfulness and don’t quite know how to go about where to start with the art I highly recommend this read. The book also features plenty of reflection exercises and quizzes to get your brain moving. 

Make a cup of tea. Put on your comfy pants and socks and snuggle down on the couch. Feed your mind and your soul, it’ll be fun and super beneficial! 

What are you reading? Any self help books I need to read?

E x 


  1. twenty says

    Nice that you are back blogging………………………………..yes, a good book and some tea is a treat.

  2. jenellewitty says

    These sound good! I always wondered what Melissa’s book was all about. Will have to give these a try. I think I have read mostly non-fiction books lately that were about time management in business and another text book on Marketing. Oh, but also the books by Lisa Messenger have been good too. She’s pretty cool. I love setting aside time to both meditate and read. It is so important to slow down and step away from the screen!

    xx Jenelle

    • Lisa Messanger’s books are on my to read list now, thanks for the suggestion Hun! I love reading and making time for me. It’s a necessity these days!

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