Three more Perth brunch spots to get you salivating this weekend…

Another weekend on the way in, another excuse to get in the car, chuck on the tunes and head out for breakfast (or brunch if you prefer a bit of a sleep in)! I’ve been out and about eating (as usual) this month with plenty of delicious new experiences to share. Here are three eateries I’ve just adored lately.

SATCHMO, North Perth

Another Entertainment Book offering this year (check out another bargain spot here), Satchmo Cafe had been on my brunch wish list for ages, but the added discount was a push to visit this month. Nestled amongst a few other food spots on Fitzgerald, we were greeted by a live jazz band playing out the front of the cafe on arrival. So cool! Although it was a little loud and we couldn’t speak over them it really added to the vintage ambience the place has going for them. The decor is simple and vintage inspired and I just really liked the menu! It was straight to the point and I didn’t have to waste precious breakfast time on Google trying to find out what I was ordering! 

E went with a Bacon Steak Bagel and I opted for the Beef Brisket Cake with Poached Egg and Onion Relish. E’s bagel arrived first and the bacon was so damn thick and juicy. As much as we love regular bacon, the bacon steak is so good for a change. The bagel was crisp on the outside and soft inside. A mix of mustard aioli and onion relish completed the dish. Originally served with a fried egg E opted out of the egg and it was meat bagel for her this morning. The cafe had no problem with us altering the menu either – too kind! E really enjoyed it. Now onto my dish. The beef brisket potato cake was a gorgeous little creation! Shredded, flavoured beef mixed in with creamy potato and corn, the combo was lovely and worked well together. Well poached eggs complimented the gorgeous beef and potato and the dish was even nicer with a lashing of onion relish. Really simple and really nice.The coffee was good too – perhaps a little strong for my liking, but still a nice blend. If you like your coffee strong you’ll be very happy! Satchmo is a cute little spot for a simple breakfast, amongst a gorgeous retro inspired interior. Lovely.

PROPELLER, North Fremantle

Finally made it to Propeller this month – and what a beautiful morning we had. The interiors are absolutely stunning, a mix of industrial and all class. The outdoor areas are large and will be perfect in the Summer months, but we decided to sit inside to avoid the chill in the air. Myself and two of my girls visited around 11am and it was busy, but still pretty easy to grab a table. If you’re popping in at a busier time I’d recommend a booking. The staff were very knowledgable and super friendly, and we all know service makes an experience and Propeller’s staff are dandy. As soon as I was seated I was asked if I wanted to order a coffee – of course I did! Everyone knows their coffee order and more eateries need to do this to get the ball rolling and keep their patron’s happy! And caffeinated! I ordered an Almond Long Mac and the latte art was just gorgeous. The blend was smooth, not too strong and very easy to drink. I actually ordered a second as I enjoyed it that much.

The menu is quite fancy and I’ll admit we did a little bit of googling to work out what a few things were, and it was so hard to choose a dish. Everything sounded so good and we ended up stalking Instagram to work out what to order. Eventually I went with the Potato Omelette with Hot Salmon and Curd. Totally picked the right dish. It was beautiful. The omelette was very light and fluffy, with slivers of potato throughout the eggy goodness. Yum. The salmon was very fresh and melted in my mouth. The curd added another texture all together and melted over the dish. I don’t think I’ve had curd before but I can now say I’m a fan. I also tried my friend S’ dish, the Orange Blossom Knafeh and what a stunning sweet option it is. I’m not sure I could eat an entire plate of it though – maybe one to share, as lovely as it was I can see it becoming quite sickly sweet after a few mouthfuls. All in all Propeller is a gorgeous experience and I’m keen to try the dinner menu.

GIPSY BOY, Joondalup

Why must this gorgeous little cafe X fashion store be so far from home? It’s definitely worth the road trip though! E and I were heading up to Joondalup for a spot of shopping recently so this was the perfect excuse to get to Gipsy Boy. A friend recommended the place way back when and she raved about it so I knew it had to go on my wish list! Half the store is filled with gorgeous clothes, shoes and nicknacks, the other half is a super cute vintage inspired cafe. 

The menu is short and sweet but everything sounded delish! I went with the Mushroom Bruschetta and added a poached egg. The Prosciutto made the dish, adding a salty burst to the lush fresh mushrooms. The dish was beautifully presented and I fell in love with the crockery in the store. E had a bagel and she really enjoyed her meal. The coffee was an experience on its own – smooth, creamy and so good. I can’t wait til we get back to Joondy to visit again.

Need more brunch inspo? Have you visited Betty & Dave’s in Inglewood yet? What about Pixel in Leederville? Holly Raye’s in Bassendean? Or The Partisan in East Perth? Thank me later. 

Where have you eaten lately? What’s your ultimate breakfast dish?

E x


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