#rulebreakersclub – Smashing the fashion rules!

Playing by the rules is so boring, especially when it comes to fashion. That is why my girl Jo at iCurvy blog created her “Rule Breakers Club” style challenge a while back, and as soon as I heard it was back this month I had to participate.

I can’t really define my style. Some days it is ultra girly and feminine, other days it is extremely casual with a street twist, and other days I stay in my pjs all day (which you probably don’t want to see)! But one rule I stick to when getting dressed in the morning is wearing things that make me feel good about myself, and comfortable in my own skin. I don’t follow every single trend that filters through, I’ll happily admit a large chunk of my wardrobe is Kmart and thrifted, and I love buying things on sale. Not your usual “fashion blogger” hey? That is why I love the concept behind this challenge. It’s all about breaking the norms of fashion and wearing what makes you happy, even if “the fashion bible” necessarily wouldn’t approve. Jo provided a list of “forbidden pairs prompts” for the week to get everyone digging through their wardrobes and adding a little bit of creativity to their daily dressing habits. The community aspect over on Instagram is also a huge positive, I loved checking out how people were interpreting the prompts. Here are my takes on breaking the fashion rules one selfie at a time.


Blue and green should never be seen. Yes, I know. But one of my favourite printed dresses is actually bright blue and green flowers, and it totally works. Blue and green can totally work as long as you feel confident, which I did in my outfit for Monday’s prompt. I paired a khaki green mini skirt from Portman’s (similar here and here) with a simple blue tank from Kmart (available in store). I added a pair of oversized white sunglasses from Forever21 (similar here) and a cute new season wooden necklace also from Kmart. The look is casual and relaxed for errand running and kicking around on a warm day. Perth was actually 37 degrees on this particular afternoon but thankfully I felt cool and comfortable in my mini. Being a curvy girl, I love that the skirt kicks out a little at my hips, creating balance with my waist. And see, blue and green can work well together! 

Here are my favourite looks from the blue & green prompt – from left to right @icurvy, @goodnessmel, @ellecurve, @the_wardrobe_green, @emhawkerblog and @curvesinacardigan. Now I’m sure you’ve been convinced to mix the two colours together thanks to these fabulous ladies!


I love print clashing. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but as long as you remember the basic rules of matching something in the two (ie colour of background, colours etc) it works! It can make such a statement too, plus it’s a great way to revamp your prints and patterns. For Tuesday’s look I paired a new season Zara floral print tee (check in store) with a blue and white polka dot skirt from Big W. The blue in the tee matched the blue in the skirt and it totally worked! They belong together! I added a pop of colour on my lips with Maybelline’s Coral Love, and a pair of new season oversized sunglasses from Cotton On (exact match). 

Here are my favourite looks from Tuesday’s prompt! From left to right – @kylish_aus, @mrs_zed, @quelinegueye, @katalyst_style_files, and @mummawears. Stripes are certainly a popular choice to clash!


I don’t own any metallic clothing besides a silver skirt that is totally not work appropriate so I had to take the easy route for Wednesday’s prompt – mixing different coloured metals in my jewellery. For some reason I found this prompt a little more scary than pattern clashing and mixing blue and green, even though it’s pretty simple and very on trend at the moment. There was just something I didn’t like about my bronze and gold jewellery alongside my silver stuff, hahaha! I stacked a bunch of bangles and bracelets together, adding a white bangle in between to break up the metallic party and I was pretty happy with how it worked, not my favourite combo but totally tolerable. I added a bright, floral print blouse from Forever 21 (similar here) and matching pink lipstick from Sportsgirl (exact match) to create a boho-ish look for the office. Does it work, you tell me!

Here are my favourite mixed metallic looks discovered via the hashtag on Instagram. From left to right – @prettychuffed, @almostposh, @what_brooke_wore, @thriftstore_apocalypse, @sassysunbird and @chasingcait_stylecoach. I think I’ve been convinced mixing metals actually works!


Red and pink is another colour combination that shouldn’t work, but somehow it does! Like today’s dress choice for example, the bold red floral print looks beautiful alongside the pale pink, almost nude flowers. The two colours are similar, but the bold and light combo works well, as neither colour is upstaging or clashing with the other. They compliment each other! With a dress that basically was the prompt, I opted for some simple vintage oversized pale pink earrings found at Vinnies, new season pale pink Cotton On sunnies and red lipstick by Barry M. This lippie was only cheap and is such a divine red. Long lasting too! Don’t be scared of mixing red and pink – they’re colour cousins basically! 

Here are my favourite looks from today’s prompt found via the hashtag on Instagram – from left to right – @kimbalikes, @suzie_richetti, @janijans, @coffeebythesea_, @dressingupnz and @bec.smith.stylist. Va va voom ladies! So pretty, so chic! 


Not gonna lie guys, I basically match every single day, so this prompt was very easy for me. I always have people telling me my earrings match my dress perfectly, or the shade of lipstick I choose matches whatever I’m wearing. Perhaps I’m a little OCD when it comes to matching, but I love putting things together that just work easily. Lazy perhaps! I actually had the day off for this particular prompt, and had a few things to do including a trip to the optometrist. The only thing I wanted from this outfit was comfort, and I got it. I decided I wanted to go with a black and white matchy matchy outfit because I normally don’t wear a lot of black and white, so I paired a vintage, star print midi skirt with the Vogue X Viktor&Rolf tee available with this months Vogue Australia magazine, tassel earrings from Lovisa and statement sunglasses picked up at the China Town night market in KL. Easy, but still me! 

Here’s my favourite “matches” – from left to right – @awayfromblue, @fyslisa, @robynamummyandminx, @daniarmstrong, @helsbelsmc and @forty_up. Matching has definitely been the easiest prompt! 

There were two other prompts for the week – “leather and lace” and “double denim” but due to weather conditions (it was too hot for leather) and spending all of Sunday recovering from Saturday night on the couch I didn’t manage to pull the last two looks together, but here are my favourite leather and lace and double denim looks from the rule breakers on IG. From left to right – @_afterafashion, @teepeestyle, @charlenegirl, @michelle_peebs75, @individualstyle101 and @iammandyleigh

Are you a rule breaker when it comes to style? Do you just wear whatever you like? Go you! If you’re looking for a style challenge to participate in I heard Kimba Likes has one in the works. Watch this space.

What is your favourite fashion rule to break?

E x 


  1. Fun post! I love pattern clothing and never thought to match with other pattern items-definately trying it soon.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I am failing hard at style challenges lately, I’ll get the first couple and then fall in a heap. Although tbf some of them don’t align well with work days, despite our fairly relaxed dress code!

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