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#BEAUTY | VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine Review

I’m a huge fan of finding the fastest way to get things done. It just means there is more time for other things! The beauty thing can take up a huge amount of time a lot of us just don’t really have, so when I was asked to trial the new VS Sassoon straighter I was totally keen. If it could save me time in my crazy schedule I had to give it a go!

The Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine is a steam straightener, designed to infuse the hair with steam (to moisturise and protect) to achieve ultra straight results. It’s also all about enhancing shine and smoothness, to give you the perfect look in no time at all. I’ve been trialling the straightener over the last few months and have noticed a huge difference to my old straightener. My hair no longer feels as if it is being fried, it’s softer and smoother post use and I’m saving time too. But let’s look a little closer for those of you keen to find out more. 


The product is actually very pretty. A gorgeous deep purple, the straightener looks very luxe and feminine. And guess what – it matches my hair dryer I got a few years back. Cute! Although it is slightly chunkier than your average straightener, it is still very light and stream lined. The water compartment (for steam creation) is embedded in the top of the product, and does not look out of place or too heavy on the product. It also comes with a black heat protectant pad to save your bench top, which was perfect for me as our bathroom bench is made of wood, and I know I’d be murdered if I burnt it, haha!


Using the Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine is very simple. Even though it is designed as a steam straightener, it can also be used as a regular straighter too with the flick of a switch! You can opt to use it regularly, or if you want the steam experience all you do is remove the water compartment and fill it with tap water, making sure the compartment is completely dry before reattaching it to the straightener. You then flick the switch to the steam option, choose your hair temperature and wait for it to heat up. And then you straighten! Now I have a lot of hair and no lie, it only took about 15 minutes to get my freshly washed mop from frizzy to sleek.

Product wise, I used my current favourite Argon Oil by muk (more on that here), and a split ends treatment by Garnier (more on that here). They are my go to for adding shine to my hair. As you do, I sectioned my hair, working through the sections and finished off with my fringe. And voila! The added steam made my hair feel less dry post straighten and way more silky. But the quick turn around is what has sold me. Normally I’d take about half an hour to tame the tresses, but this little baby cut that time in half! More time for other things like blogging or laying on the couch! Yes! 

The Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine retails at $142. 95 and is available at Priceline, David Jones or online

How do you tame your tresses? Any products I should be adding to my hair routine?

E x

* Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine kindly gifted for my review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love a product that saves time and delivers on results! My hair is so naturally straight I hardly ever use my straightener but it does give a nice polished effect to the old weave.

  2. littlemissmonbon says

    NOTHING works on my bloody baby hair frizz šŸ˜¦ Not unless a hairdresser puts all the product in my hair and then blow drys it all! I gave this one a go and it worked amazing on the lengths of my hair, but like all straighteners they couldn’t tame my milk curls haha. I like my milk curls though šŸ™‚

      • littlemissmonbon says

        I use anything that wets my hair it just pronounces those curls further hahahaha! And I agree with you – I don’t want to straighten out something so ‘me’

  3. twenty says

    I’d try it if my hair weren’t already dead straight, hahahahah. Good blog though. As always.

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