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#THOUGHTS | No resolutions! 

2017, so nice to make your acquaintance. I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends in the near future. Normally I’d be making 101 resolutions at this point, but I thought I’d just let it be this year. I don’t really see the point of trying to make promises to myself so early on in the peace, and not forgiving myself come the end of the year when I haven’t “achieved” what I’d set out to do early year. I guess you can say I’ve been on a journey over the last few years of finding out who I am, and what I need in life.

According to good old Google, the top three most common New Years resolutions are to –

Lose weight

That chicken burger with the lot and the mushroom pizza I consumed don’t count on January 1, do they? Well, if I’d vowed to stay fit and healthy and lose weight this year, they probably would. But when it comes to my health, I’m not going to “promise” myself I’ll lose more weight this year. As long as I feel healthy, I’ve learnt over the last year that the number on the scales means nothing, especially when you need to consider things like muscle and proportion too. I’m happy in my body, and while it wouldn’t hurt me to lose a few more kilo’s around my mid section (for health reasons) I’m not going to make stupid promises that I’m going to eat clean and green this year, cos that’s just not me anymore. Roll back five years and that girl vowed to lose weight every New Year, but it’s not the most important thing on my to do list these days. I love food, and if I want to binge out every now and then I’m not going to beat myself up about it. If I lose weight this year that’s cool, and if I don’t, well that’s cool too! 

Get organised

This is one resolution I’ve made in the past (in regards to the blog). I purchased a bunch of beautiful stationary, downloaded every organisational app I could find for my phone, plotted out my every move for blog content and stuck to it – for a few months until I felt burnt out and just wanted me time and fun time and chill time. And then I started feeling guilty about relaxing or hanging out with E or friends because I “promised” myself I’d be organised. I promised myself I’d stick to my blogging schedule, even if inspiration hadn’t struck. Do you know how hard it is to write when you’re not inspired or in the mood? Extremely. It’s like going to work on one of those days when you’d rather just curl up in bed. I also forgot about writers block when scheduling and organising my blog life – I forgot I was a human who didn’t always feel creative and on to it. How dare I feel tired or lazy? Feeling organised in your daily life is important, but I’ll be cutting myself a little more slack this year. If I’m feeling uninspired or under the weather, I know it’s okay to let things slide. I won’t be promising myself I’ll get organised this year, because sometimes I don’t want to be organised – sometimes I’d rather just be. 

Spend less, save more

It sounds so easy, but it’s really not. This resolution is something I should probably consider, but I know deep down when it is the right time for me to sort my finances out, they’ll sort out. Like anything, you need to be in the correct headspace to make changes in your life, and I know right now I’m not ready to sort out my bank account. As long as I’ve got enough for the things I need and want to do I’m good. And as I said earlier on in the post, I don’t want to make myself feel guilty about anything superficial this year, like shopping or saving, because that inner mean girl doesn’t need feeding. I’ll admit I’ve considered that $5 savings challenge floating around Facebook at the moment. It looks fun, and who doesn’t want a wad of cash? I also like that the challenge isn’t a set goal or target or “savings plan”. It’s simple, if you come across a $5 put it aside. If you don’t have one, also okay. That’s enough saving for this girl (sorry Mum)! 

This year there is only one thing I’d like to do, and that is be happy, realise I’m only human and some days I don’t want to human. Some days I want to lie on my couch under the air conditioning watching reruns of the Kardashians and NOT feel guilty about it. Or eat that large pizza smothered in cheese and NOT count the calories or stress about the amount of effort it’ll take to burn off. Or buy that new dress, even if I already own 75, because that is why I work every day, to purchase and do things that make me happy. This year I’m going to say yes more, but no when I need to. I’m not going to feel guilty about it either – it’s okay to take time out for yourself, because ultimately that will make you happier. And happiness is my goal this year. Is it a SMART goal? Nope. But is it smart – yes!

Have you made any resolutions this year? Why or why not?

E xx


  1. With a week in I haven’t made any. I am not good at maintaining them. Maybe I should think about something less than a resolution but more than just a thing I am going to try to get better at.

  2. twenty says

    Funny, I haven’t made any resolutions either !! Maybe, without actually making any resolutions, we’ll achieve things we wanted to without strain or pain….just relax into it !!

  3. Good for you Em. Go by feel, go with the flow and be kind to yourself! Hope to see you again soon xxx

  4. I moved house over the Chrissy holidays, so the usual suspects such as ‘be neater’, ‘stop leaving odd socks in weird places’ & ‘do you really need 3 tooth brushes?’ conveniently solved themselves! So for the first time in years, no, I don’t officially have any resolutions!

  5. Sandi Buckley says

    Love this Em! I don’t do resolutions I just try and set some plans up for the coming year xx

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