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HOW TO: 1920s Gatsby themed costumes on a budget

The weekend saw my friend K celebrate her Hen’s Night – the “traditional” last night of craziness with her ladies before she marries her fiancĂ© this weekend coming. Guarantee it won’t be her last night of fun, just because she is tying the knot doesn’t mean she’ll never leave the house again, haha! I guess a Hen’s night is just a fun way to let loose before the anxiety of the big day kicks in. Weddings are beautiful, but I assume when you’ve been planning something for 58492 days the pressure builds up!

DIY Beauty: Turmeric Fask Mask

Is it just me, or with the bizarre change in the weather lately has your skin been temperamental too? I’m very thankful that my face is usually pretty clear, but with the wacky wind over the weekend (besides suffering from the sniffles) I can now feel a few spots coming up. And the lovely one I found under my nose today totally needs banishing! Eww. When I can, I love creating magical potions from my own fridge and pantry. Why bother paying for a face mask when you can make your own at home? I used to love getting into the kitchen and creating my own DIY beauty products and getting back into it feels great! I forgot how easy it is to make your own natural stuff, plus it’s a good way to use up random food products like that Greek yoghurt you purchased for a recipe and used one teaspoon of! Turmeric is one of my favourite spices. When I’m not using it in a curry (yes I love to cook too), it’s …

DIY Button Earrings

Etsy is one of my favourite online haunts. My cart is filled to the brim with vintage wiggle skirts, geeky gift ideas for my girlfriend and button earrings. Yes, button earrings. But majority are over in the US & UK and with postage and stuff they’re just not worth the price. So I decided to make my own 🙂 My sister L and I spent hours in Spotlight picking buttons – and now I know why the Etsy peeps charge so much for their DIY goodness – buttons can be effing expensive! I paid $5 AUD for ONE BUTTON! Not a set, one! Thankfully my Mum the craft queen has six thousand stray buttons at home so she send a whole heap up so I didn’t have to spend a weeks pay on the tiny things. Note: strong glue is recommended! I had to redo them as I used the wrong glue the first time. Fiddly job , but good turn out hey? Em x