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Five ways to make your early morning Winter starts that little bit easier!

I know I know. Getting up in the morning is hard. But come Winter it’s 500 times harder. Your bed is warm, it’s bitter outside and motivation is clearly lacking. But just because it’s the coldest time of year doesn’t mean life stops. These days should not be wasted! As hard as it is, I enjoy getting up early (even in Winter), because there are memories to be made and fun to be had.

What I Wore: One necklace, ten ways + giveaway {featuring Maria Nicola Jewellery} 

My jewellery box is bursting with accessories. Statement necklaces, earrings in every colour, chunky bangles, delicate bracelets and even a ring shaped like a donut. But sometimes I just feel overwhelmed searching through the various compartments to find that perfect piece to wear on the regular. My style prayers were answered recently when I received the 10 Way Necklace by Maria Nicola Jewellery in the post. A ten way necklace? Yes please!

The Bra Checklist {featuring Playtex Australia}

I may mix it up on the daily clothing wise, but when it comes to what is underneath my clothes I have rules. Nothing too extreme friends, just a few guidelines I follow when it comes to choosing new underwear, as I know I will thank myself later when I’m looking and feeling good about myself. It’s no shock that I sport an E cup, so when shopping for underwear I always take these three things into consideration.

Perth Picks | Wholistically Healthy 

As much as I love getting into the kitchen, sometimes I just can’t be bothered cooking after a long day at work. Especially when I work a lot of different shifts and sometimes don’t get home till after 8pm. The easiest option would be take away, but we all know how bad it is for you. That is why I was so excited to try Perth’s newest vegan food delivery service Wholistically Healthy, a quick and easy meal delivery service made fresh weekly in Perth and extremely good for you! Based on Ayurvedic principles, the universal and intertwined concept:
 you must have a healthy body to have a healthy mind, and a healthy mind to have a healthy body, the aim at Wholistically Healthy is to help you nourish your body, so you can feed your soul.

The Beauty List | April Edition {featuring muk}

I’ve really jumped on the extreme skin care wagon as of late, probably because I’ve just celebrated a birthday and I’ve realised I’m not getting any younger. This girl isn’t 21 anymore so I’ve really made it my priority to focus on those problem areas and give them the added nourishment (and enhancement) they need! Focusing on a skin care regime has become a huge priority, but I’ve also been trialing a few new make up and hair care products I just had to share with you. Here is what I’ve been loving this month!

BEAUTY | Naked Tan Self Tan & Instant Tan Review

Ah tanning. A Summer ritual of sorts. For some of us (myself included) a tan comes very naturally. Walk out into the sun and voila, you’re brown. Thanks for my European skin Dad! But for some of us the sun just doesn’t do anything, and pale skin sticks around. That is where fake tan is a bit of a saviour. I don’t mean orange “Oompa Loompa” style tan. I mean subtle, natural looking tan that could be mistaken for a day in the sunshine.