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Like It Local: Emily Muco

The first time I saw Emily Muco was way back when at the BLVD Markets held at the Boulevard Hotel in Floreat. Being the new blogger on block I didn’t really know who anyone was let alone the designers, but I remember noticing Emily in a brightly printed vintage style frock, standing near her rack of equally bright dresses.

Like It Local: Little Dove

Accessories make a look. Adding a simple ring or cuff to a casual outfit can jazz it up and bring it together in seconds. I don’t leave the house without earrings or I feel naked. I’ve also become very partial to a bright, bedazzled statement necklace. Perth’s own Jemma Manson is the creative behind Little Dove.

Like It Local: Nevertheless

If I could spend all of my spare time gazing at pretty girls I probably would (hehe), but I don’t think I could justify this as a hobby. But for Perth freelance fashion illustrator Sheryl Young of Nevertheless, spending her free time gazing at gorgeous ladies is in her job description and recreating them on a blank canvas is her passion.

Like It Local: Carris Creatures

I spend ages choosing greeting cards for my people. l look for something eccentric, personal and not your run of the mill Hallmark. I like cards that speak from the heart and have that extra little bit of quirk. And of course, I love shopping local. When E and I celebrated our three year anniversary in February, I knew the card needed to be something special. Something meaningful and very “us”.

Like It Local: Beans & Bunches

Since E and I got together three years ago flowers have been a regular thing for us. Birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, and even the “just because” bunches. My favourite flower shop for those special moments is a teeny tiny spot in Northbridge, and the brain behind the business is a creative soul with a flair for the art.

Like It Local: ninamarlena

The cranium. One wouldn’t normally consider such an object artistically desirable (unless you were a neurosurgeon), but for some beautiful reason the skull has become oh so vogue, and Perth can thank Nina Oswald aka ninamarlena for contributing to the movement. The Perth artist and skull crafter is in high demand.