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LF: a full wallet

I have $2500 worth of dresses sitting in my ASOS cart… If anyone has a spare wad of cash I’m willing to take it off your hands šŸ™‚ Tis been a long time between blogs. Same old – work is busy, weekends are crammed with sleeping and seeing friends, and my nights have been spent trolling buzzfeed and pinterest to try and put me to sleep after late shifts. Oh and of course giving my lady lots of snuggles. I picked up the bluest, cutest tulip dress for only $20 at KMART of all places last week. GF wanted to pick up some things for her sisters baby shower and I spotted the dress and had to have it for work. I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received in a Kmart dress. Was crazy. Think i’ll have to pop back for the black and houndstooth print versions. Bargain. I’m also in a bit of a floral phase again much to E’s dismay, my 2 year anniversary present for feb was free reign of her …

ASOS for the Aussies.

I like the idea ASOS now has its own Australian line type thingy aimed at Australian buyers- but scouting the pages, some of the fashion aimed at us was kinda hippyish… And very different – and not good ‘I’m not gonna look like anyone I’m individual indie hipster’ but like, double denim style different. Ouch. I’ll be sticking to the regular ASOS pages thank you very much – this girl would look very odd in double denim. xxx E Ps- placed an order for two dresses from ASOS today and one from BANK UK – they’re flying towards me as I write this ! Squee.