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I had the best weekend in Sydney, I just didn’t want to come home. Luckily E and I have a week and a half off over the Easter/ANZAC Day break. I plan on drinking lots of tea, reading five books and relaxing. Here’s an Instagram peek into my Sydney weekend.

Aurelio Costarella; 30 years in the biz

If you’re a fashion and culture fiend like myself then you would have probably already checked out Frock Stars: Inside Australian Fashion Week and Aurelio Costarella: A 30 year retrospective at the WA Museum – but my sister L and I were lucky enough to attend the PhotoReady Fashion Parlour: Girls’ Day Out at the WA Museum featuring Aurelio Costarella himself!

Aunty Em & Aunty Em.

I’m gonna be an Aunty. Well, technically not since E’s sister is having a bubba but I’m pretty much via her gonna be an Aunty. Ermahgerd. Baby shower pics to follow – we did it all by ourselves! Theme was pink (yes she’s having a girl) vintage inspired. With lots of lollies. x E Dotti Floral print dress, $17 bargain!!!

Is shape wear really that much of a drama… and other fashion news.

here’s what I recommend to read this week To suck it in or to not suck it in – that is the question? xojane blogger Lesley Kinzel just doesn’t like shape-wear (aka spanks, granny undies, or my favourite and what we like to call them “sucking in undies”) – in her words shapewear means weā€™re erasing a lot of our awesome physical diversity – a passionate take on the little (or big!!) pants in out underwear drawer. Alexa Chung up’s the fashion anti @ The Brit Awards If anyone is new breed fashion royalty Alexa Chung is. It’s not the first time Ms Chung was voted best dressed Brit, and thevine suggest perhaps they should rename the award. How to dress like a fashion blogger – isn’t that an oxymoron? Personally I thought fashion blogging was about personal style but this week Vogue is assisting the masses with top tips to dress like you know how to type. xx e

Counting calories.

The weather is freaking me out. It’s November and this is one of the creepiest, windiest nights we’ve had all year – the apocalypse is coming! Nothing much to report. E & I are chomping through Michelle Bridges’ 12 week weight loss challenge. Loving the food but can’t quite motivate myself to exercise! šŸ˜¦ Bought the most pretty shirt from Target of all places on the weekend just gone. It’s my size but the sizing seems so off and it really doesn’t fit nicely šŸ˜¦ Hopefully all this dieting will help my arms shrink so I can wear it! Saw Breaking Dawn pt 2 Sunday – really wasn’t that fab. Never read the books so I had no idea what to expect but really wasn’t that good! Also saw Perks Of Being A Wallflower and Bachelorette last week – both so good! We’ve been lazy haha. Till next time, E xx Ps – pictures explained … 1.Me off to our friends engagement party Saturday in ASOS goodness, 2. my little sweet kitten snuggling her fave …

Lovely Saturday.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually blogged on my MacBook before. Usually my posts are late night, after work, quick things on the iPhone. But to actually be on my computer is wonderful (oh how I love lazy weekends with time to actually boot up!). Gorgeous weather today. So nice to not be either A. hung over after a big night out or B. exhausted after a late shift at work. This morning E and I had a small sleep in (and by that we were up at 9 to the meowing of our annoying but cute kitten Onion) and ventured to Vic Park for brunch. Since moving to South Perth we’ve only been out once for brunch – on a lazy Friday we both had off, 2km down the road to Millpoint Caffe Bookshop, a bright purple food and book haven 1 minute drive from our house (no, we didn’t drive, we’re lazy, we like the comfort of airconditioning and music). Brunch is my FAVOURITE meal of the day and I love getting up …

My “fail safe” go-to outfit

Reading the Style Hunter blog and came across this post by Maree Stoubos filling in the style hunters on her go-to item of clothing in times of need. I have a few go-to’s in my wardrobe, depending on the occasion. When it comes to work, my go to is my black pinstripe high waisted skirt. As I’ve mentioned in this blog before I can wear basically whatever to work within reason, and I have lots of little work dresses and blouses and cardigans and blah – but my go-to skirt is a regular repeat offender in my work life. And having so many different blouses and shirts changes it up so I don’t look the same every day. For casual times my go-to is a floral print skater style dress with a crocheted lace collar. It’s practical enough for all occasions (not too dressy, or too plain) and I’ve lived in it over the last year and half or so. It’s only a Jay Jay’s cheapie (and I actually don’t really like their stuff) but …

ASOS for the Aussies.

I like the idea ASOS now has its own Australian line type thingy aimed at Australian buyers- but scouting the pages, some of the fashion aimed at us was kinda hippyish… And very different – and not good ‘I’m not gonna look like anyone I’m individual indie hipster’ but like, double denim style different. Ouch. I’ll be sticking to the regular ASOS pages thank you very much – this girl would look very odd in double denim. xxx E Ps- placed an order for two dresses from ASOS today and one from BANK UK – they’re flying towards me as I write this ! Squee.