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Geek Chic – Comicon Inspired Fashion

I tagged along to Perth Comicon earlier in the month and I seriously did not realise how many “geeks” we had in this small city. What a brilliant crowd of OTT, costumed up people. The long wait in line was a people watcher’s dream come true. And being surrounded by such quirky, random folk got me thinking about geek chic… And so begins my top 10 geek chic fashionables. 1. Havaiana Pacman Thongs – note: I don’t even own thongs, but these I’d wear. 2. Adventure Time Beanie – note: those ear flaps look so warm! 3. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace – note: pretty… Another geekery for me please. 4. Hand Painted Ninja Turtle Bra -note: cos my gf will really want turtle eyes staring at her from that region… 🙂 5. Cartoon Print Heels – note: so hot. 6. Superman Skirt – note: would have fitted in perfectly at comicon in this. 7. Dr Who Tardis Tote – note: it boasts to be bigger inside like the real Tardis 8. Black Milk Star …

Human body inspired fashion – ew.

Just stumbled across an article via my digg app featuring a new trend to hit the shelves – denture studded shoes. *jaw drops* British designers fantich & young have released the ‘ apex predetor ‘ – a shoe replacing the regular rubber sole with, of all the items in the world, dentures. Perfectly okay or plain wrong? Gives me the heebies to be perfectly honest. Reminded me of these dodgy, tmi leggings by black milk. A friend of mine has a pair in the Muscle Design and has still never worn them out of her lounge room. TMI fashion – would do you think – do body parts and fashion mix?