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Happy Birthday Blog!

After a much needed blog hiatus over the Christmas and New Year period, I’m back! And today is the perfect day to get back to the blog world, because today is The Illusive Femme’s first birthday. My little baby blog is one!

LF: a full wallet

I have $2500 worth of dresses sitting in my ASOS cart… If anyone has a spare wad of cash I’m willing to take it off your hands 🙂 Tis been a long time between blogs. Same old – work is busy, weekends are crammed with sleeping and seeing friends, and my nights have been spent trolling buzzfeed and pinterest to try and put me to sleep after late shifts. Oh and of course giving my lady lots of snuggles. I picked up the bluest, cutest tulip dress for only $20 at KMART of all places last week. GF wanted to pick up some things for her sisters baby shower and I spotted the dress and had to have it for work. I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received in a Kmart dress. Was crazy. Think i’ll have to pop back for the black and houndstooth print versions. Bargain. I’m also in a bit of a floral phase again much to E’s dismay, my 2 year anniversary present for feb was free reign of her …

Is shape wear really that much of a drama… and other fashion news.

here’s what I recommend to read this week To suck it in or to not suck it in – that is the question? xojane blogger Lesley Kinzel just doesn’t like shape-wear (aka spanks, granny undies, or my favourite and what we like to call them “sucking in undies”) – in her words shapewear means we’re erasing a lot of our awesome physical diversity – a passionate take on the little (or big!!) pants in out underwear drawer. Alexa Chung up’s the fashion anti @ The Brit Awards If anyone is new breed fashion royalty Alexa Chung is. It’s not the first time Ms Chung was voted best dressed Brit, and thevine suggest perhaps they should rename the award. How to dress like a fashion blogger – isn’t that an oxymoron? Personally I thought fashion blogging was about personal style but this week Vogue is assisting the masses with top tips to dress like you know how to type. xx e


Once again I’ve had a blogging dry spell! Sorry 🙂 Life is busy!!!! Gets like that at the end of the year. Lately I’ve been… watching America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (Sophie is CUTE) New Zealand’s Next Top Model (Bianca is CUTE) (Yes I love the show but perving is always a plus!) listening to Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes Uh Huh Her Art VS Science Kanye West Tara Simmins eating Blueberry muffins Seafood loving Weekends at the casino with my ladies Strong coffee till next time xxx e