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14 + Days | Life Update

Hello Summer! And hello festive season. This has got to be my favourite time of year. Work is slowly winding down for the year, I managed to score some time off over the Christmas and New Year period and everything has been peachy! It’s time to start planning Summer adventures, festive frivolity and some down time back in my sleepy home town with my family for Christmas. It’ll be so great to get out of the city for a bit and recharge. It may be a little slower on the blog post front over Summer because I feel like a little breather, but you will still find me over on Instagram and Snapchat (user name illusivefemmeem). But it’s not break time yet so I need to stay focused for a few more weeks. Since we last updated (more here) everything has been good. Work has been busy, the weekends have been busier and I’ve been out and about and around the block. Here is what I’ve been up to lately! 1. My friend and fellow …

Haters Gonna Hate

I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but the girl was right when she said you’ve just gotta shake it off! After blogging for over a year now I’ve finally had my first negative comment on one of social media pages. Finally! I’ve been waiting for it, because I know how often it happens, and now I can join the club.


If I had any idea how this year would pan out when I started my little spot on the internet I probably would have had a heart attack. Or at least a panic attack. Because the day I decided to really put some time and effort into my blog I didn’t realise that my little place of ranting and reviews would become so much more.


Spring has sprung! The first few days of this month were absolutely stunning, but I think Winter was jealous of all Spring’s glory, so a grey sky and rain have been back with fury. Just means my Spring dresses are still in the cupboard and I’ve had a chance to rock my jeans. This fortnight has been busy, although I will admit I spent Saturday catching up on sleep.

Why Do I Write?

I recently took up a challenge set by the lovely Mel at Cooks Notebook to continue the “chain” of bloggers currently delving into their minds and discussing why they write. This should be an easy question for a bunch of writers, right, but to be honest it had me stumped!

Blogger Garage Sale

Perth readers, listen up. How does an afternoon of gorgeous clothing, vintage bicycles, cupcakes and refreshing treats sound? Wonderful, right? Add in 15+ fashion bloggers selling their threads to make room for new ones and what do you get? The annual Blogger Garage Sale of course!


I had the best weekend in Sydney, I just didn’t want to come home. Luckily E and I have a week and a half off over the Easter/ANZAC Day break. I plan on drinking lots of tea, reading five books and relaxing. Here’s an Instagram peek into my Sydney weekend.