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My Top 20 Blog Posts of 2015

Come Friday morning it’ll be 2016. I just can’t believe how fast the year has flown by! It’s been a busy and beautiful one, that is for sure. Of course we have had our ups and downs, but coming into the new year I just want to reflect and appreciate everything I do have in my life. And what a better time than the second last day of the year to share my top blog posts this year.

Sisterhood Of The World Blog Awards

How amazing is the title of this post? It reminds me of the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants which I absolutely loved as a teen. I’m smiling already. Spreading blog love has always been high on my priority list. We’re all in this together, and that is one of the reasons my friend and fellow blogger Demelza Buckley and I created Bloggers Bloom Together, a community for Perth blogger babes to band together, form friendships and take the clique factor out of blogging.

The other side of “Fashion Blogging”

If you’ve been hiding under a rock this week you may have missed the news that one of Australia’s biggest social media stars has quit social media as she felt the entire online world was fake and she was miserable. I never actually followed Essena O’Neill’s Instagram account, as I had no interest in the bikinis and expensive gowns she was promoting, plus those kinds of accounts are way too curated for me, but she is right to say that an Instagram profile is not a 100% real view at someone’s life. I wouldn’t say they’re “fake”, but when you work in social media, Instagram is an online portfolio of your best work. Feeds tend to be matched by colour and picture theme and I guarantee your favourite Instagrammer’s have a folder of pictures on their phones ready to post at the best time for their followers. I’ll admit I do choose my posts depending on the other colours in my feed, and I try not to post too many pictures of myself at once …

Rainbow of thoughts. 

About 80% of my Facebook friends are currently sporting a rainbow stained profile picture in support of equal marriage rights. That 80% are a mixture of both gay and straight people, some married, some single, some over 30, some under. People from all different walks of life, but share one thing in common – they all believe in the right to live equally. As I scrolled through my feed over the weekend, colour is basically all I saw, and it was so beautiful to see the amount of support floating around. I know some of you may disagree, but the US taking the step and breaking down barriers is a huge leap for human rights. Not just gay rights, human rights. Because at the end of the day we are all the same. I’m certainly no expert when it comes to politics and religion but I know love, and as I said on my personal Facebook page this week if I ever want to start planning a wedding it is already going to be an …

Flatlay 101 : how to lay like a fashion blogger 

Bloggers are doing it. Brands are doing it. Your best mate is doing it. So why are people laying out their items in an organised and stylish manner and photographing it? It’s called “Flatlay”, and it’s the latest (and most trendy) way to display your loot in a cool and fashionable way. I recently attended a workshop dedicated to all things photography and social media based, focusing on the perfect way to flatlay. Perth flaylay queen Claire Mueller and creative brain, blogger and stylist Emma Bergmeier-Varian provided a bunch of budding “flatlayers” with their top tips for the art, and it’d be rude if I didn’t share! Behold the art of flatlay! 1. Build a story  What do you want to convey to your audience? Is there a specific item or new purchase you want to show the lime light? Is it all about that amazing new pair of shoes you got? What else would you wear with them? Build a story around the object. For example a fabulous print tee would look perfect with …

Haters Gonna Hate

I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but the girl was right when she said you’ve just gotta shake it off! After blogging for over a year now I’ve finally had my first negative comment on one of social media pages. Finally! I’ve been waiting for it, because I know how often it happens, and now I can join the club.

Insert Inspiration Here.

I’ve been feeling so uninspired this past week and a bit. I normally run at a hundred miles an hour but lately my head has been going at a million miles an hour and I’m finding it really hard to focus on the blog, let alone the other bits of my life. And I’ve been procrastinating. A lot.