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Autumn Style Challenge with April Nicoll Stylist #aprilsautumnchallenge

If you’re ever in need of “style inspiration”, especially when you are sick and tired of your wardrobe and you need to mix it up a little, Instagram is the place to go. There is always some kind of fashion challenge going down, prompting you to get creative and try new things with the items you already own. And for someone like me they are a great push to wear some of the items you have no idea how to style or if you’re guilty of over wearing certain favourite bits and pieces.

Work, no play.

E & I’s apartment blocks communal laundry is currently undergoing construction so my washing pile is ten stories high after my busy week/weekend. I’m getting to the point where I’m running out of ideas for work outfits, cos its warming up now (today was 31 degrees before a freak thunder and lightening storm)!! On tomorrow’s work menu for a drab Monday: Red “heart print” blouse Black high waisted skirt Black flats Black heart shaped earrings Rimmel London 170 Alarm lipstick Hopefully the red will wake me up. I hate Monday’s. xx E

How would you define your style?

I AM… girly– even though I’m a girl who likes likes to kiss girls I’m super girly. I once counted my dress collection and it was nearing on 65+ !! Nowadays it’s a little smaller than that, probably bout 35+ (I did a big clean up when we moved house and donated heaps to charity) but I loved to don a frock and feel cute and girly. Even when I dress a bit more ‘lesbian chic’ I still have femme touches like ballet flats or lipstick with my skinnies and shirts. vintage inspired – anything 40’s or 50’s style makes me smile. brights, patterns, colours – majority of my wardrobe is some kind of print in brights How would you describe your style? x em