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RECIPE: Goodbye Damage

If you follow the blog you’ll know I’ve been on a mission to grow my hair out for summer. I’ve never been a huge hair extensions fan, so all I could really do was let it grow. Yes, that “lovely” song from Frozen came into my head too. Sorry. I’ve tried lengthening and strengthening shampoo and conditioner which is definitely working, but there was one thing I forgot about when I decided to grow out my mop.

Healthy Eats: Pita Pizza

Dieting can be very hard, especially when you are food obsessed. One of my favourite glutenous treats is pizza, but since I’ve been watching my weight I’ve had to find new ways to make the gorgeous Italian pie healthy. Hello pita bread.

It’s 2013 man.

I feel like I haven’t stopped and just relaxed in months. Work is flat out (I even had to work Christmas Day AND New Years Day!!!!), I haven’t been shopping in how long and I’m so tired. Sorry blog! So I thought I’d fill y’all in now with where I’m at and what I’ve been doing… Em & I had the best night at Nicki Minaj’s concert at the brand new Perth Arena. It was just fabulous. Plus it was Nicki’s 30th birthday that night and her last show of the tour so we sang happy birthday to her. Loved it. I’ve been cooking up a storm and trying so many new recipes! My gf bought me a retro cookbook today and I can’t wait to try it out! Two Christmas celebrations – one with my family and one with Em’s. And we spend New Year’s Eve away with friends in the country. Was pretty magical 🙂 And the stats… I’ve been watching lots of Winners & Losers – got season 2 for Christmas and …