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Festive Season Dressing Under $50 with SheIn

I get it, you’ve got a lot of Christmas shopping to do friends, but you can’t forget about yourself at this time of the year. With events galore, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, if you’re anything like me you’re going to want to look fabulous – and not spend too much! That is why I’ll be shopping at SheIn for the festive events coming my way.

Editing Your Wardrobe (for those too scared to edit your wardrobe) 

I have a lot of clothes. And I mean probably enough to wear a different article of clothing every day of the year (and some). But when E recently informed me the pole in my side of the wardrobe where all my dresses were hanging was starting to droop (WOOPS) I knew I had a problem. First up I asked her if she could install a stronger pole (I know right) but then I started flicking through my dresses and realised I hadn’t worn some of them for months, or years! Ouch. Time for a wardrobe edit! I’ve read a lot of great posts by local and international bloggers about the best way to get rid of your excess clothing but these kinds of things scare me. What if I NEED that dress I threw away in an edit frenzy? Or what if I wake up one morning and REALLY want to wear those printed pants I got rid of… See, scary! So I trolled the internet and came across a simple (and long winded) …