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Frocktober 2014 – it’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap! Frocktober is over and as lovely as it was to raise awareness for ovarian cancer and get dolled up daily I can’t wait to get back into my jeans! Being the cheeky girl I am I missed the final day of Frocktober due to being a little busy getting my wisdom teeth removed, so thirty days of dresses it was and as soon as my head is back to normal and my face has gone down I’ll start doing the calculations for the donations heading to KimbaLikes and The Fashionable Mum.

Does age really matter?

I ask myself this question nearly everyday… Am I getting too old to wear whatever I’m thinking of wearing…? The Vine posted an interesting blog post on the topic that really made me reconsider some of the items in my wardrobe… Like the 15 headbands in bright colours and prints all sporting oversized bows or flowers or lace for days when I’m feeling particularly girly or my hairs just not working. But really, is a nearly 25 year old too old to have a pink bow sticking off her head? I mean, Katy Perry and Rihanna who are both in my age group can pull them off… But I’m not famous. Am I more Katy or Honey Boo Boo Child with pretty things in my hair??? And what about brightly coloured/patterned baby doll dresses… Are they too juvenile for a ‘lady’ like me…? Majority of my wardrobe is out there and attention seeking (according to my gf)… Are my patterns Emma Watson sophisticated or do I look like one of those skanks from Geordie Shore? …

My “fail safe” go-to outfit

Reading the Style Hunter blog and came across this post by Maree Stoubos filling in the style hunters on her go-to item of clothing in times of need. I have a few go-to’s in my wardrobe, depending on the occasion. When it comes to work, my go to is my black pinstripe high waisted skirt. As I’ve mentioned in this blog before I can wear basically whatever to work within reason, and I have lots of little work dresses and blouses and cardigans and blah – but my go-to skirt is a regular repeat offender in my work life. And having so many different blouses and shirts changes it up so I don’t look the same every day. For casual times my go-to is a floral print skater style dress with a crocheted lace collar. It’s practical enough for all occasions (not too dressy, or too plain) and I’ve lived in it over the last year and half or so. It’s only a Jay Jay’s cheapie (and I actually don’t really like their stuff) but …

The perfect vintage dress for spring

Fortunately I managed to pop along to the Polka Dot Vintage markets a few Sunday’s back, and scored the cutest floral dress perfect for the warmer months. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy op-shopping, but I’ve come to the conclusion I prefer the vintage fashion markets Perth has to offer cos I don’t have to spend the time digging through piles of regular op shop clothing because someone else has done it for me and found the good stuff ūüôā This dress will be perfect for sunny dates with my lover – and only $35! Bargain. Unfortunately the belt buckle is broken but my crafty mum may find a solution for it.