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The countdown is on, only a few more weeks until E and I head off on an adventure overseas! I’m not sure whether or not I’ll preschedule blog stuff for while I’m away, but I do know if you follow me on Instagram you’ll be harassed with many a holiday happy snap. Vietnam is up first followed by a trek across the border into Cambodia. So excited!!! Being the disorganised lass I am I’m very lucky to have “E the organised” in full on planning mode. She’s been brilliant with researching and scheduling in everything we need. I’m so lucky. I basically said to her I’d be there at the airport and whatever she wants to do I’m keen. This year has been a bit nutty to be honest. I’m okay, nothing wrong in my camp, but we have had a lot of interesting things happening around us over the last few months, so I just can’t wait to take time out and just breathe. And relax. And explore. And just live a little! Lets …


Hi March. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad to see you. Mixed emotions really. It’s nice to be getting into Autumn (even though we’re still enjoying the Summer sunshine), and March is technically closer to my birthday (April baby right here), but I don’t know where last month went! What a blur! I’m hoping the rest of the year will slow right down… Fingers crossed. 

14 DAYS : The Summer Edition

I’ve been very MIA from my blog for the past few weeks because it really is that time of the year to get out and celebrate. It’s family time, it’s party time, it’s dancing in the sunshine time. And I’ve done all of those things and more as of late.


Not too much to report in the last few weeks except my trip to Melbourne, pre-Christmas blog events, family stuff, the usual work shenanigans and being run off my ass with a million errands and a to-do list the size of a small child.

Geek Chic – Comicon Inspired Fashion

I tagged along to Perth Comicon earlier in the month and I seriously did not realise how many “geeks” we had in this small city. What a brilliant crowd of OTT, costumed up people. The long wait in line was a people watcher’s dream come true. And being surrounded by such quirky, random folk got me thinking about geek chic… And so begins my top 10 geek chic fashionables. 1. Havaiana Pacman Thongs – note: I don’t even own thongs, but these I’d wear. 2. Adventure Time Beanie – note: those ear flaps look so warm! 3. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace – note: pretty… Another geekery for me please. 4. Hand Painted Ninja Turtle Bra -note: cos my gf will really want turtle eyes staring at her from that region… ūüôā 5. Cartoon Print Heels – note: so hot. 6. Superman Skirt – note: would have fitted in perfectly at comicon in this. 7. Dr Who Tardis Tote – note: it boasts to be bigger inside like the real Tardis 8. Black Milk Star …